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Extra Space expands online auction services with Auction Review Service to reduce lien sale risk

Extra Space Storage Adds 1,000 Additional Facilities to OpenTech Auction Review Service to Uphold Auction Process Standards Following 50% Overnight Portfolio Growth

In 2023, the OpenTech Auction Review Service program reviewed lien files for 1,800+ Extra Space Self Storage locations to prevent wrongful lien sales and legal disputes in their online storage auctions on This was a helpful boon in the REIT’s operations after it grew 1,000 facilities overnight in a recent merger.

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A picture promoting that the 2024 Self Storage Data White Paper is available now

Insights Unlocked: OpenTech Alliance 2024 Self Storage Data White Paper Available Now

This report equips operators with actionable insights to help drive operational efficiencies and competitive advantages at their facilities. Download today to delve into intricate facets of customer behavior, ranging from rental and payment patterns to duration of occupancy and frequency of interactions, to illuminate emerging trends and shifting consumer preferences within self storage.

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OpenTech partners with Wirepas to bolster electronic locks for self storage

OpenTech Alliance Announces Strategic Integration with Wirepas to Create a Commercial-Grade Locking Solution for Self Storage Facilities

OpenTech is excited to share its latest partnership: a strategic integration with Wirepas, a prominent leader in connectivity, communications and scalable IoT deployments. This collaboration signifies a substantial milestone to deliver exceptional technology solutions to the self storage industry, particularly enhancing the connectivity landscape for INSOMNIAC® SmartLock™, a recent innovation in electronic locks for self storage that leverages wireless mesh network technology.

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Image of Electronic Locks for Self Storage with callouts highlighting their 6+ years of battery life and new IP56 rating.

INSOMNIAC® SmartLock™ Sets New Benchmarks for Electronic Locks for Self Storage:  6+ Year Battery Life, IP56 Rating and Lowest Total Cost to Own

OpenTech’s electronic locks for self storage have achieved an unprecedented IP56 rating for resistance to dust and water with projections to save operators costs over the lifetime of the system. Storage King shares its thoughts on a pilot of the automated locking solution, including how it has improved unit access control and security at a local self storage facility.

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Image of OpenTech's new cost-effective storage kiosks, the 80 and 200 kiosk.

OpenTech Alliance Introduces Two New Cost-Effective Storage Kiosk Models 

OpenTech Alliance announced the release of two new full-service self storage kiosk models — the INSOMNIAC® 80 and 200. Among the lowest-priced INSOMNIAC kiosks available, these new models help operators meet every tenant face-to-face while managing their facilities remotely. These cost-effective storage kiosks offer unparalleled value, security and flexibility and are available now.

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Graphics kiosk 5OpBenefits Feb2024 Blog Image

5 Operational Benefits of Self Storage Kiosks

Self-service kiosks have been an integral part of self storage for 20+ years, with dozens of features and software fine-tuned to specifically serve the self storage industry. Learn five ways they help operators streamline, simplify and support vital customer service tasks.

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Read the blog to hear the history of electronic locks for self storage.

From Keyholes to Keycodes: The History of Electronic Locks for Self Storage Facilities 

Locking solutions have had different implications for both self storage operators and tenants over the years, including convenience, security, and potential operational impact. Follow along as this article uncovers the history of electronic locks for self storage, including their evolution, current strengths and pitfalls, and potential applications for your portfolio to consider.

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INSOMNIAC CIA access control installed at first Australasia facility at Safe Store in Pakuranga, New Zealand.

Safe Store Upgrades Access Control: OpenTech Alliance Makes Historic Debut in Australasia Self Storage with INSOMNIAC® CIA

OpenTech is pleased to announce the success of the first INSOMNIAC® CIA access control system in Australasia. The implementation of the cloud-based access control system, in partnership with Safe Store, marks a critical moment in the industry’s local technological evolution. “CIA has become a set it and forget it part of our operation — we just don’t think about it. I don’t think we’ve spoken to support now in over a month or more for anything,” said Aaron Alsweiler, CEO of Safe Store.

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Graphic K3 Selfstoragemanager Blog Socials 2023 Blog Image

OpenTech Alliance Integrates Latest INSOMNIAC Self Storage Kiosk Software Release with Self Storage Manager Cloud (SSM Cloud)

OpenTech Alliance announced the integration of its upgraded INSOMNIAC self storage kiosk software with SSM Cloud, the latest version of Self Storage Manager, Inc.’s property management software. This collaboration offers an elevated level of convenience for operators and tenants alike, with features such as e-lease management for streamlined rentals and interactive maps to help tenants navigate your facility.

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SmartLock electronic locking solution for self storage debuts at SSA Fall

OpenTech Alliance to Debut INSOMNIAC® SmartLock™ Electronic Locking Solution, Boasting Low Cost and Longest Battery Life in Industry

OpenTech Alliance is proud to unveil its latest innovation, the INSOMNIAC SmartLock. This secure electronic lock system promises to redefine automated locking solutions for self storage operators, presenting a strategic opportunity to streamline unit access control, reduce operational costs and elevate the overall tenant experience, at a reasonable cost. Self storage operators demoed INSOMNIAC SmartLocks at the Self Storage Association (SSA) 2023 Fall Conference and Trade Show on September 6th and 7th in Las Vegas, NV.

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OpenNet Wireless Comminications Network for Self Storage

OpenTech Alliance Unveils INSOMNIAC® OpenNet™: An Open Communications Network for Self Storage Facilities

OpenTech is proud to introduce INSOMNIAC® OpenNet™, an industry-changing advancement in connectivity designed specifically for the self storage industry. OpenNet addresses the unique wireless connectivity needs of self storage facilities, providing a secure, reliable, and most importantly an open network operators can leverage to implement the IoT devices they choose. OpenNet provides private and public Wi-Fi capabilities that operators can leverage operationally and offer to their tenants. Designed on a self-healing, secure, open wireless communication infrastructure, OpenNet allows operators to integrate various third-party devices.

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