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INSOMNIAC 120 Joins Next Generation of Self Storage Kiosks

OpenTech Alliance announced the release of the INSOMNIAC 120, the newest addition to the next generation line of self-service INSOMNIAC Kiosks, the 20 Series. The INSOMNIAC 120 offers a small size with stellar performance. Compact in design, this model mirrors many of the benefits of its larger counterparts.
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Maximize Your Revenue and Enhance Operations with Customer Data

Data is an asset in any successful business. Cloud-based services have created connections that not only serve the needs of consumers, but is a tool companies have long leveraged to their benefit. The self storage industry is no exception. A critical link is missing from the equation – data that identifies how customers actually utilize self storage.
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OpenTech Alliance Adds INSOMNIAC SmartDoor to IoE Platform

OpenTech Alliance announced the launch of INSOMNIAC SmartDoor, a new integration for OpenTech’s intelligent platform of smart-connected self storage solutions, OpenTech IoE. SmartDoor is the first and only self storage office analytics system that provides actionable insights on consumer traffic, whether your office is open or closed.
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Blog ReDesign Images_A1 Surfside Brings Safety & Security to A1 Surfside Self Storage Auctions

Beachfront A1 Surfside Self Storage uses online auctions to safeguard staff and assets while recouping funds tied to delinquent units. A locally owned company since 1991, facility managers have resolved $34,000 outstanding in bad accounts with
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Amsdell Companies Converts Facilities from Live Auctions to

Amsdell Companies has converted its Compass Self Storage facilities from live auctions to According to Amsdell, use of the site has become standard practice due to a streamlined auction process, superior customer service, and a better overall ROI.
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Atlantic Self Storage Supports Stellar Managers with INSOMNIAC Products and Services

Atlantic Self Storage rivals top operators with a combination of INSOMNIAC Live! call center solutions, XpressCollect and CIA. A small entrepreneur that operates in the competitive Washington D.C. metro market, Atlantic Self Storage knows you can’t miss a phone call.
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