Self Storage Access Control

INSOMNIAC® CIA self storage access control systems give you total control of a single facility or thousands of properties from anywhere.

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One Solution = 4 Powerful Tools

The perfect access control solution in one all-inclusive package. Your tenants need mobile access, your facilities need access gate keypads, and you need an easy way to manage it all.


Mobile Tenant App

Storage Genie

Grant your customers touchless entry with an app that lets them use their smartphone as a mobile keycard.
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Personalize your system with access control gate keypads for every size and style of self storage facility.

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IoE Control Center

Manage tenant access to your facilities remotely and generate useful data to drive business intelligence from a feature-rich command center.
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Mobile Manager App

Manager Genie

Gain easy access to your entire portfolio with a single login and perform critical access management tasks in a few taps.

Get Seamless Access & Control

Modernize your self storage facility with remote management and useful integrations.

Enhance your access control system with a wide array of smart products, integrations and apps. Connect your IoE Control Center to our custom storage solutions and a variety of popular third-party technology to gain remote insights and control and provide the best tenant experience possible. Learn about our supported solutions below.   

Available Products

Enhance your property with OpenTech’s smart storage solutions specifically designed for the self storage industry. Click on an available product to learn more.

Available Integrations

Connect your third-party technology to our platform for seamless automation and business insights. Click on an available integration to learn more.

Don’t see something you want? Ask about our open API. 

Access Control Keypads

Build a system that meets your needs with our lineup of customizable keypad hardware below.

INSOMNIAC CIA offers wired or wireless access keypads for easy installation and maintenance in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Every keypad includes a state-of-the-art organic LED (OLED) display to help you clearly communicate with your tenants. Weather-resistant and tamper proof for reliable property security, CIA contact keypads offer a flexible, scalable solution to manage your facility access needs.

CIA Keypad Model 500

A full-size, full-feature access keypad with intercom for voice-to-voice customer support and OLED display.
  • Bollard, gooseneck or flush mount
  • Optional features include:
    • Covert Camera
    • IP Camera
    • Wireless Model
    • Wireless Camera
    • Wireless IP Camera

Custom Colors Available


Custom Colors Available

CIA Keypad Model 501

A full-size access gate keypad with OLED display and customization options.

  • Bollard, gooseneck or flush mount
  • Optional features include:
    • Covert Camera
    • IP Camera
    • Wireless Camera
    • Wireless IP Camera

CIA Keypad Model 502

A compact access keypad with OLED display for easy application in small spaces.

  • Bollard, gooseneck or flush mount
  • Optional features include:
    • Wireless Model

Custom Colors Available

INSOMNIAC 504 Self Storage Access Keypad

Custom Colors Available

CIA Keypad Model 504

A compact, indoor-only keypad to give you greater control of your facility’s interior.

  • Indoor-rated
  • Bollard, gooseneck or flush mount
  • Optional features include:
    • Wireless Model

What Our Customers Are Saying

“CIA solved our requirement for a cloud-based access control solution and provides us with tenant behavior data to better understand our customers and their activity on site. The Storage genie app was just frosting on the cake!”

— Ben Hendricks, Vice President of Five Star Storage

Portfolio-Level Intelligence & Control

Gain Property and Portfolio-Level Intelligence from Your Keypads

Simplify your business operations with a real-time view of the activity at your facility, and tools and reports to help you uncover potential savings, plan for property maintenance and provide a top-notch customer experience.

Learn who is onsite and when to set staff schedules or manage rent increases; create predictive maintenance triggers to ensure your systems operate at their best; and remotely lock down your self storage properties using the Manager Genie Mobile App or any internet-enabled device. Connect your access control, security, unit alarms, thermostats, call center and more to gain greater automation and business insights.

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Facility Access Control On-the-Go with the Manager Genie Mobile App

Facility access control management has never been simpler! Download the free Manager Genie mobile app, designed to put essential IoE Control Center functions at your fingertips: Open and close gates, monitor access events, view tenant information and onsite visitors, and more, all in a convenient and user-friendly app. Keep an eye on your property at any time and anywhere with Manager Genie — available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now.  

One Integrated Access Solution

An all-in-one access control solution for your storage property that offers easy, anytime access, temperature control, flood alerts, mobile access, incident and activity alerts and more.

Control Center

Improve your property and portfolio intelligence, know who is onsite and when and manage active incidents from your cloud-based dashboard on any computer, tablet or mobile device browser, or use the free Manager Genie Mobile App.

Mobile Access Management

Manage credentials, minimize property management risks and monitor multiple access points with the Manager Genie Mobile App or from a browser on any internet-enabled device to troubleshoot issues in real-time from the comfort of your home, office or mobile command center.

Touchless Tenant Access

Give your tenants mobile credentials for hands-free entry via Bluetooth BLE technology with the Storage Genie mobile tenant app, included free with every CIA system.

Lifetime Protection & Support

Have a question or need support? Our technical team is just a phone call away. Plus, we'll keep your software up-to-date and can replace your hardware if defective or damaged by lightning and power surges.

Seamless, Secure Integrations

Build the best solution for any property you add or acquire with integrations to your favorite tools. Create an ecosystem of connected devices, services and systems to automate work, optimize mobile management and deliver a better customer experience.

Breakthrough Self Storage Technology

The features and support you need — with the freedom and flexibility you want. Upgrade your gate keypad hardware, software, security, installation, warranty and support with a system designed exclusively for the self storage industry, supported by a network of local access control experts.

Electronic Lock for Self Storage sliding closed

Unlock Modern Unit Access Control

Secure delinquent and vacant units with smart locks for self storage. Automate and monitor overlocks and unit access remotely from the IoE Control Center to improve operational efficiency, enhance site security and streamline access.

Use the power of the cloud

Flexible, efficient, reliable. Make managing your self storage property or portfolio a breeze with industry-trusted, cloud-based technology. 

Cloud-Based CIA

PC-Based Systems

Storage Genie Tenant Mobile App

Enhance your tenant experience with the Storage Genie app, included with CIA

Storage Genie grants your tenants hands-free, secure access to your self storage property. The app uses the built-in Bluetooth Beacon technology in your self storage access gate keypads to deliver touchless access to your tenants. Once setup, your tenant can gain access to your property anytime they are in range of a keypad without opening the app. Plus, you can offer your tenants mobile payments, a record of their access history and an easy way to contact your facility.

Ready to upgrade today or need more info?

Reach out now and we’ll have someone ready to chat with you, or find a local dealer in your area.

OpenTech IoE

Get visibility into tenant trends and property insights to make data-driven decisions around staffing, revenue management, energy use, predictive maintenance and more with the OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything).
Click on each solution below to see how your systems can work together.

Smart-Connected Storage Solutions January 2024
The OpenTech IoE Unit Locks Door Sensors - INSOMNIAC SmartDoor INSOMNIAC Full-Service Kiosks CCTV Integrations - INSOMNIAC SmartEye Gate Sensors - INSOMNIAC SmartGate Unit Alarms HVAC Integration - Honeywell Water Sensors Voice Controlled Devices- Alexa Skill Call Center Other Integrations Access Control - INSOMNIAC CIA

The OpenTech IoE

The OpenTech IoE platform is based on four primary components; a centralized data structure for collecting data from any device or source, business analytics tools for learning from the data, the ability to monitor and control both proprietary and third-party devices, and a comprehensive notification service based on customizable alerts and triggers.

OpenTech IoE includes an open API so any property management software, call center, or other applications can easily integrate with the platform.

Unit Locks

Coming Soon! Provide access control and additional security to both occupied and vacant units to enhance your property and customer experience.

Door Sensors – INSOMNIAC SmartDoor

SmartDoor helps you track foot patterns at your office when it’s open or closed. Monitor how many times the door opens each day, receive alerts when the office isn’t open on time, and discover how often people attempt to visit your office but the door is closed.

INSOMNIAC Full-Service Kiosks

With this easy-to-use self-service terminal, customers can make a payment or rent a unit at their convenience, regardless of whether a manager is available or your facility is open. Live support is always available for your tenants via call center Storage Counselors.

CCTV Integrations – INSOMNIAC SmartEye

Connect your existing CCTV cameras to a smart, prevention-based security system. Using artificial intelligence and a Virtual Security Team, you can detect, prevent and alert authorities to crimes before the damage is done.

Gate Sensors – INSOMNIAC SmartGate

Address gate operator issues before they impact tenants or create a security situation. Receive alerts when a gate does not open or close when requested, or is forced open or closed manually.

Unit Alarms

Receive a text or email whenever your wired unit alarm triggers an alert and protect your tenants’ belongings with the alarm integration.

HVAC Integration – Honeywell

Save on your HVAC expenses – monitor and control the temperature at your facility from any location. Adjust your thermostat remotely and receive alerts when temperatures or humidity levels change.

Water Sensors

Catch water damage right away with a water sensor integration with inexpensive hardware. When water is detected, you’ll receive a text or email, alerting you to the issue as soon as possible.

Voice Controlled Devices- Alexa Skill

Use voice commands and an Alexa skill to perform tasks or receive information about your storage facility. Ask Alexa to ‘open the gate,’ ‘adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees’ or ask ‘how many tenants are currently on the property.’

Call Center

Call center agents can remotely control access to a storage facility with  INSOMNIAC® CIA  and offer superior customer service to your tenants when they’re locked in or out of the facility.

Other Integrations

Connect your third-party technology to our smart platform to create a custom platform that works for you – ask about our open API. Plus keep an eye out for future integrations coming soon!

Access Control – INSOMNIAC CIA

Easily manage permissions for all access points at your facility. Quickly add or remove tenants, restrict access to certain buildings/areas, view tenant visit info and manage properties remotely.

PTI® Keypad
Integration Available


Utilize your existing PTI®
Apex or VP keypads

Upgrade your access control to a true cloud-based solution with your existing PTI® Apex or VP keypads. Save on capital costs today and move all of your properties to the same platform to enjoy the data insights, reporting and remote capabilities available with INSOMNIAC CIA.

® PTI is a registered trademark and brandmark of Preferred
Technology Systems, LLC and PTI Security Systems.

Built Better, to Help You do Better Business

Upgrade to an Access Control System Built Exclusively for Your Self Storage Needs

CIA is always online, so you don’t have to be.

With software stored in the cloud, INSOMNIAC CIA has your back 24/7. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), you never have to worry about data loss, limited storage, computer crashes or never-ending software updates common with other access control systems on the market.

Hear From Our Customers

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FAQs - Access Control | CIA

INSOMNIAC® CIA is a self storage access control system that allows facility owners to improve the management of their storage facilities and self storage units using cloud-based software. Facility owners can bypass inconvenient software updates, downed systems and address any issues they may have with their current software using our seamless, cloud-based access control solution and see the benefits of tenant-related activity using INSOMNIAC® CIA self storage keypad integrations. Outfit your system with the solutions needed for secure access control and continuous operations with INSOMNIAC® CIA.

Our access control system addresses issues with older PC-based systems to improve your current access control protocols and integrates with existing hardware (or upgraded gate access control keypads) to streamline facility upgrades. INSOMNIAC® CIA also provides facility owners with key insights into user behaviors with real-time data visualization, access control keypads and reporting thanks to integration with the OpenTech IoE Control Center.

When it comes to INSOMNIAC® CIA installation, you can get all the support you need on our Dealers page, where you’ll find plenty of resources, including INSOMNIAC® CIA installation manuals, installation tips, or you can contact our support team directly here.

OpenTech’s system can assist you with everything from theft prevention and tenant activity/behavior to water/moisture detection and HVAC control. CIA grants you access to the OpenTech IoE, a smart platform to help you integrate any software, service or device for greater operational insights and control. Connect your access control, security, unit alarms, thermostats, call center and more for a seamless customer experience and critical business insights. Check out existing solutions uniquely designed for the self storage industry, and learn which of your third-party technology is currently compatible with our ecosystem of smart storage solutions.