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2024 Self Storage Data White Paper

This Free Self Storage Data White Paper Covers:

Know Your User

Understand how and when tenants actually use self storage.

Technology Touchpoints

When do consumers favor technology throughout the self storage customer journey?

From Data to Decisions

How to quickly target friction in your operation to improve the tenant experience and build savings into your bottom line.

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Industry-Level Self Storage Data

Future-Proof Your Self Storage Operation in Response to Top Industry Tenant Trends

Download this annual white paper for a unique look at emerging tenant trends from data that spans the self storage industry. Operators of all shapes and sizes can leverage this data and gain actionable insights to increase revenue, drive operational enhancements and create a stable, scalable platform for future growth.

Insights from the 2023 calendar and YOY analysis against up to five years of self storage tenant transaction data. See how self storage consumer behavior has changed and how those changes may impact the industry, and your self storage business, moving forward.

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What's Included

Self Storage Data to Upgrade Your Tenant Experience and Streamline Your Operation

A comprehensive look at tenant data from thousands of storage companies around the world connected by OpenTech’s self storage software, services and technology solutions.
self storage data shows virtual video interactions spiked in 2023
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Self Storage Data Insights
for Owners & Operators

This publication exists to provide an objective and transparent analysis of annual data collected through the OpenTech portfolio of self storage software and products. OpenTech releases this technical paper as often as possible to provide a comprehensive review of consumer trends in the self storage industry to offer data-driven, actionable insights to our partners.

Data sources include our exclusive INSOMNIAC® CIA access control, full-service kiosks, Live! call center, SmartEye security monitoring, StorageTreasures online auctions, and SaaS self storage business software platforms.

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