Meet our fearless leaders.

OpenTech is led by a team of individuals with significant experience and skills in the self storage industry, in technology and in corporate management. These accomplished leaders work together to drive product and service innovation, corporate strategy, brand awareness, sales growth and operational efficiencies.

Robert Chiti

Chairman and CEO

Mike Connolly

Chairman of the Board,
President and COO

Davin Dameron


Bill Hoffman

Chief Revenue Officer

Scott Brogi

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Fling

Senior Vice President of

Jon Loftin

Senior Vice President of

Kristi Adams

Vice President of

Dan Scaman

Vice President of
Strategic Planning & Analysis

Lorraine Holan

Vice President of
Finance and Accounting

Antony Pagan

Vice President of
Human Resources

Gabe Thayn

Vice President
of CAS - Marketing

Cameron Urry

Vice President
of CAS - Product

To learn more about our corporate team or our self storage solutions,
drop us a note or call us at 800.481.7459.

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