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Full-Service Kiosk Solutions

Reimagine customer service. Simplify the rental process. Enhance the experience with self storage kiosks

Customers today demand fast options for personalized, seamless solutions. Our innovative, user-friendly self service kiosks integrate with your property management software to support enhanced relations with customers, and help you stay ahead of the competition.  INSOMNIAC storage kiosks are here to help you focus on your core business – renting self storage units. From full-service storage automation software to compact models, we have kiosk options to fit the unique needs of your operation.

“INSOMNIAC kiosks make great business sense for the self storage industry because they provide customer convenience and sales while helping reduce staffing costs.”

—Raymond E. McRae
Storage Solutions, Goodyear, AZ

Live Help, now with video chat.

We take self-service personally. Enjoy a number of self storage kiosk features, including meeting your virtual manager, kiosk-based renting, face-to-face customer support and contactless service.


Rent easy with an INSOMNIAC Kiosk

Provide personalized service day or night.

INSOMNIAC® Full-Service Kiosks

The new generation of INSOMNIAC Kiosks 20 series models mimic the feel and simplicity of your smartphone and tablet, including the latest in hardware components and cloud-based storage automation software for maximum engagement and unparalleled reliability — all available at a new, lower price.



Wall-mounted, outdoor, maximum engagement and unparalleled reliability thanks to our storage automation software.

INSOMNIAC 720 w.Screen No Background STRAIGHT


Pedestal mount, outdoor, maximum engagement and unparalleled reliability.

INSOMNIAC 220 w.Screen no background@025x


Surface wall mount, indoor, maximum engagement and unparalleled reliability.

120 000 Edit w.Screen Transparent


Small size, stellar performance, maximum engagement and unparalleled reliability.

The Missing Piece in Your Rental Process

An INSOMNIAC self-service kiosk is the final piece of the puzzle in your effort to provide a frustration-free customer experience, and ensure you never miss another rental. Capture drive-up traffic that won’t complete a lengthy process on a mobile device, employ it as a final security stop for an online reservation, or secure new customers who prefer to use self service options. 

It's Like Having a 24/7 Self Storage Manager

Customers make rentals and payments at their convenience, regardless of whether an actual manager is available. Integrated with your property management software, an INSOMNIAC storage kiosk  automatically applies payments and provides real-time updates of inventory and reports. It even maintains the same security and gate policies already configured into your storage automation software. Other operators have found success with INSOMNIAC storage kiosks, and we know you will, too. Read the case study.

Helping "Close the Sale" with Live Help

Equipped with Live Help and VoIP storage automation software, an INSOMNIAC storage kiosk brings customer service to a whole new level. Let’s face it, no matter how simple you make renting storage units or making a payment, there will always be some customers who need assistance. Now you have the option to have calls from the kiosk routed via real-time video stream to our Live! Call Center during business hours. A helpful Storage Counselor will assist your customers “face to face,” helping them through the entire process.

Your Guide to Self-Service Kiosks

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