OpenTech Alliance Introduces Two New Cost-Effective Storage Kiosk Models 

Image of OpenTech's new cost-effective storage kiosks, the 80 and 200 models.

OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in self storage, is pleased to announce the release of two new full-service self storage kiosk models —  the INSOMNIAC® 80 and 200. Designed to maximize customer engagement, these cost-effective kiosks offer unparalleled value, security and flexibility and are available now.

Cost-Effective Storage Kiosks Boast New Functionalities Built on 20+ Years in Self Storage Technology Innovation

Woman approaches cost-effective storage kiosk, INSOMNIAC 200 self storage kiosk, with 32" screen, ADA button, driver's license scanner and credit card reader.

As the industry’s foremost kiosk provider for over two decades, OpenTech continues to set the standard for self-service technology. The 80 and 200 models empower tenants with greater options for their storage rental experience to complete transactions unattended or with the help of a live video call, and help operators maximize on-property engagement and reduce costs through remotely managed solutions.

The lowest-cost INSOMNIAC kiosk on the market, the 80 offers a 21.5” full-color portrait touch screen for easy navigation of property maps, lease agreements, insurance documents and more. It also serves as a two-way video screen to let your store managers or call center agents, or OpenTech’s Storage Counselors, greet new visitors, answer customer questions and complete kiosk transactions remotely. Live Help, a call center video service available with all kiosk models, is a cost-effective customer service solution at only $25 per property. The 200, still among the lowest cost storage kiosks in the company’s lineup, also boasts the largest screen size available at 32”. The large screen is perfect for face-to-face interactions, self-guided transactions after-hours, and can be used as digital signage to attract customers, promote specials and showcase facility amenities.

Unlike other models on the market, the new self-service kiosks from OpenTech include an integrated credit card reader and driver’s license scanner to both safeguard customer data and strip unneeded friction from the rental process. Many machines require payment or personal details to be read aloud or entered manually – putting PII and your rental at risk. The robust software protects and validates customer information, enables full lease signing and supports both full-service and 100% self-service transactions. The new kiosks offer a comprehensive solution to help self storage operators enhance customer experiences and safeguard their business from potential liability. 

Remote Management Solutions Maximize Customer Engagement and Operational Efficiency for Self Storage Operators


“Our commitment to delivering innovative self storage kiosk solutions and unparalleled customer experiences spans over 20 years,” remarked Robert Chiti, CEO at OpenTech Alliance. “With the launch of the 80 and 200 self-service kiosk models, we’re proud to continue to provide cost-effective solutions that help operators meet the evolving needs of their tenants and businesses.”

Recent software enhancements, including motion detection, routing of Live Help calls, interactive maps, remote monitoring, multi-language capabilities and more further enhance the self-service experience available with an INSOMNIAC kiosk. These improvements, along with kiosk hardware upgrades introduced in recent years, help operators ensure round-the-clock availability and exceptional service to outperform the competition.

“In addition to offering unmatched convenience and efficiency, our kiosk solutions address the growing demand for real-time customer experiences while also helping operators reduce payroll costs,” added Jon Loftin, Chief Product Officer at OpenTech Alliance. “With OpenTech Alliance, operators can enjoy the best of both worlds: cost-effective technology and unparalleled customer service.”

Demo INSOMNIAC Kiosks at the Self Storage Association Spring Show

Operators planning to attend the Self Storage Association 2024 Spring Conference & Trade Show can demo the INSOMNIAC 200 and several of the company’s other full-service kiosks at booth #510.

For more information about OpenTech Alliance and its full line of self storage kioskscontact the company today.


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