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Self Storage Technology Solutions & Services

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Access Control | CIA

Re-inventing facility management access control with cloud-based technology to help you manage thousands of locations, renter behaviors, and facility operations.

Streamline your self storage facility operations with our software now | OpenTech

Customer Acquisition Services

Self storage digital marketing and website services to improve facility visibility, increase organic rankings and drive renter acquisitions.

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ARS | StorageTreasures: Online Auctions

Recoup costs and clear out old units by publically auctioning delinquent self storage units with our online auctioning platform.

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Live! Call Center Solutions

Improve your self storage customer service and the renter experience with our expertly-trained storage counselors and never miss a new rental opportunity again.

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XpressPay | XpressCollect: Automated Collections

Send reminders, accept payments and streamline your self storage billing solutions thanks to our self storage automation software.

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OpenTech IoE Storage Technology Management

Intuitive self storage business analytics tools to help you analyze centralized data, monitor and control devices and manage your notifications.

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Self Storage Kiosks

Rent units, accept payments and reduce staffing with personalized, self storage management software and kiosk solutions today.

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SmartEye Security Monitoring

Ensure tenant and asset protection using AI and Machine Learning to detect and alert management with the ultimate self storage software solutions.

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Access Control - CIA

Re-inventing access control with the industry's first smart connected solution.

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Live! Call Center Solutions

Customizable, seamless and scalable call answering solutions.

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Rent units, accept payments, reduce staffing and offer customers an exceptional user experience.

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Online Rentals

E-commerce platform that helps rent units on your website.

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Automated Collections XpressCollect | XpressPay

Automatic payment reminder and collection system.

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Security Monitoring SmartEye

Enhance existing security solutions with 24/7 interactive audio and video monitoring.

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Online Auctions StorageTreasures | ARS

Revolutionary way to recoup costs, market and publicly auction delinquent self storage units.

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OpenTech IoE

Open platform based on centralized data, business analytics tools, ability to monitor and control devices and notification service.

Featured in the News

Self Storage Legislation Update Part 3 | OpenTech Alliance

Self Storage Legislation Update Part 3: New Changes to Lien Laws

See new changes to self storage legislation in Texas and Louisiana that impact lien laws. Don't add the liability of a wrongful lien sale to your storage operation. Read the article today to learn what changes have been passed into law and how they will impact your self storage business in 2021 and beyond.

Customer Acquisition Services Now Available for Self Storage Operators

OpenTech Alliance announced the launch of Customer Acquisition Services (CAS), a robust new line of comprehensive digital marketing and e-commerce solutions now available to self storage operators. With a team vested in self storage and over 30 years of experience delivering data-backed results, CAS is primed to help operators of all sizes grow their operation, optimize lifetime tenant value and increase net revenue.
OpenTech Closes Acquisition of Adigma

OpenTech Alliance Closes Acquisition of Adigma, LLC

OpenTech Alliance announced on April 9 formal intentions to acquire Adigma, LLC, a leading digital marketing and technology company in Lehi, UT. The transaction closed on May 1 and the company announced the addition of a Customer Acquisition Services (CAS) department, a new line of comprehensive digital marketing and e-commerce solutions now available to OpenTech customers.

Slide What Our Customers Are Saying “We strive to give the customer every opportunity to rent a unit and make a payment –
we couldn’t do that without OpenTech technology. We have found
synergies in utilizing INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center solutions, INSOMNIAC XpressPay,
INSOMNIAC Kiosks, INSOMNIAC XpressCollect and most
recently INSOMNIAC CIA and Storage Genie.”
Jeff Bateman Regional Manager, Storage Choice
Slide What Our Customers Are Saying “By utilizing the OpenTech family of products our customers have more
conveniences at their fingertips which means we win out over our
competition. We’re now selling what’s outside the four
walls of a storage unit, not what’s inside.”
Marc Goodin Civil Engineer and Co-Founder, Storage Authority
Slide What Our Customers Are Saying “Adding the kiosk and call center attributed to a 35% increase in property valuation
within 8 months of installing the bundle of automated services. What’s even
more mind-blowing is that the move also increased the facility’s
net income by more than $6,000 per month within the first year,
while occupancy rose 11%.”
Mark Yandow President of Yandow Realty Group
Slide What Our Customers Are Saying “In 2011 we started with call center solutions. If our managers are busy, the calls go to OpenTech’s
Storage Counselors. In 2018 they handled over 2,000 calls on our behalf – I see those all as
missed opportunities. Of the people who called to rent a unit, 82 percent booked a reservation.
We then added kiosks, and in 2017 they assisted in collecting $215,000 in payments
and took over 174 rentals.”
Jeff Bateman Regional Manager, Storage Choice