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Build a storage operation backed by  powerful tools that help you find customers, drive rentals and manage your day-to-day business.

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OpenTech: A Robust PropTech Company

After launching self-service kiosks in the early 2000s, OpenTech recognized our future in modern self storage – and went all in. With innovations that reset industry standards, we’ve built a robust property technology company with a portfolio of 10+ products to provide practical solutions to tenant and operator challenges. Today, thousands of the world’s most successful storage brands trust OpenTech to help them connect with tenants, simplify their operation and grow their business.

Modern Problems Need
Modern Solutions

Reshape your business to adapt to the demands of today’s modern self storage consumer. Industry-leading solutions to help you deliver an unmatched customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

Industry Trusted

National Storage Affiliates is proud to use OpenTech technology
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StorQuest Self Storage
Metro Self Storage Supports Facilities with OpenTech Self Storage Technology

Self Storage Solutions and Services

Get the tools you need to start, run and grow your self storage business. From custom solutions to connections to your favorite tools, we’ll help you increase productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Rent Anytime

Self storage solutions to help you rent units and accept payments anytime — in person with self-service kiosks and over-the-phone with flexible call center services.


Full-Service Kiosks

Greet tenants face-to-face with personalized self storage kiosk solutions that can help you rent units, accept payments and reduce staffing.

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Call Center

Improve your self storage customer service with expertly-trained Storage Counselors and never miss a new rental opportunity again.

Remote Self Storage Facility Management


Provide personal service without the price tag. Flexible, cost-effective labor options to help you manage your most time-consuming tasks remotely.

Manage Your Facility

Easily manage facility gate access and unit security with full visibility on a single platform and keep tenants safe with proactive security solutions.



Manage single gates to multi-site portfolios with cloud-based technology that helps you monitor visitor activity and facility operations from anywhere.

INSOMNIAC SmartLock electronic locks for self storage icon


Automatically control unit access and manage delinquent and vacant units at your self storage facility with an efficient, reliable locking solution.



Protect your property and tenants with self storage security services that detect, intercept and alert you
to incidents in real-time.

Automate Your Business

Transform the way you manage your storage business with solutions to help you automate revenue-generating tasks, streamline lien sales and integrate your technology to operate from one source of truth.



Recover time and money with automation software that helps you send reminders, accept payments and streamline your self storage billing.

Online Auctions


Auction delinquent self storage units, recover rent and avoid lien liability with the StorageTreasures® auction platform and other online storage auction tools.



The system you need for all the sources you have. Proactively manage your portfolio with a scalable self storage business analytics and technology management platform.

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Tenant Trends

Download this free white paper and learn:
  1. Onsite behaviors, popular access times, traffic patterns and delinquent spikes
  2. Rental timing both on and offsite
  3. Payment preferences and more