INSOMNIAC® SmartLock™ Sets New Benchmarks for Electronic Locks for Self Storage:  6+ Year Battery Life, IP56 Rating and Lowest Total Cost to Own

Image of Electronic Locks for Self Storage with callouts highlighting their 6+ years of battery life and new IP56 rating.

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OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader for self storage, is pleased to share its latest innovation, 
INSOMNIAC® SmartLock™, boasts an unprecedented battery life of over 6 years, an industry-leading IP56 rating for dust/water resistance, and the lowest total cost of ownership in the self storage market. This automated locking solution offers a secure solution for self storage operators, providing an opportunity to improve unit access control and security, decrease operational expenses, and enhance tenant satisfaction, all at an affordable price. Operators can demo INSOMNIAC SmartLocks electronic locks for self storage at the upcoming 2024 ISS World Expo on April 3rd and 4th in Las Vegas, NV at booth #925.

“The INSOMINAC SmartLock sets a new standard with its extended battery life, ensuring continuous operation for over 6 years. Using readily available AA alkaline batteries, the lock minimizes the need for frequent replacements, reducing maintenance costs and operational disruptions. Additionally, our recent IP56 rating certifies the locks’ unmatched durability against various weather conditions,” explained Jon Loftin, Chief Product Officer at OpenTech Alliance. “SmartLocks are protected and sealed against dust ingress and water to ensure operation and extend the life of the lock.”

A gif of a SmartLock S being tested for water durability.
INSOMNIAC SmartLock is rated IP56 to withstand extreme dust and high-pressure water conditions.

Storage King Reports Increased Operational Efficiency and Security with Electronic Locks Following 6 month pilot of INSOMNIAC SmartLock

A photo of an authorized dealer installing an Electronic Lock for Self Storage on a white unit door.
SmartLock O being installed at Storage King's pilot location.

Battery life is a critical component in operator costs over the life of any wireless electronic locking solution. A SmartLock pilot at a Storage King facility has shown promising results, with batteries at 100% useful life after six months. Mona Byrd, District Manager for Storage King, is also thrilled with added security the system provides: 

“The implementation of SmartLocks has seamlessly enhanced our security system. The integration with our CIA access control system has significantly improved operational efficiency for our managers, and tenants love the added protection it brings to their belongings. Furthermore, it has proven effective in deterring crime.”

IoE Control Center Enables Easy Battery Management for Electronic Locks for Self Storage to Prevent Unplanned Downtime at Facilities

SmartLocks report remaining battery voltage as it is consumed, and system users can set up notifications for alerts if battery life drops below any level. Unlike Lithium-Ion batteries, which show a consistent high-power rating until they’re nearly depleted, alkaline batteries are not considered hazardous materials and can report gradual use over time to help users avoid unnecessary downtime.

Features vary across the patent pending SmartLock models so operators can design a flexible solution that fits the needs of their individual facilities. SmartLock O works with tenant locks to automate control of vacant and delinquent units and does not change the tenant experience with keypad or Bluetooth access. Models R and S offer both keypad and mobile access to the tenant via the Storage Genie app to automate unit access and security, and make keycode sharing simple and secure. All models are wireless and managed from a cloud-based control center to give operators portfolio-wide visibility into and control of the security of individual units. Learn more about the advantages of electronic locks for self storage for both operators and tenants, or contact the company today.

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Insights Unlocked: OpenTech Alliance 2024 Self Storage Data White Paper Available Now

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OpenTech partners with Wirepas to bolster electronic locks for self storage

OpenTech Alliance Announces Strategic Integration with Wirepas to Create a Commercial-Grade Locking Solution for Self Storage Facilities

OpenTech is excited to share its latest partnership: a strategic integration with Wirepas, a prominent leader in connectivity, communications and scalable IoT deployments. This collaboration signifies a substantial milestone to deliver exceptional technology solutions to the self storage industry, particularly enhancing the connectivity landscape for INSOMNIAC® SmartLock™, a recent innovation in electronic locks for self storage that leverages wireless mesh network technology.

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