Electronic Locks for Self Storage

Automatically control unit access and manage delinquent and vacant units at your self storage facility with INSOMNIAC® SmartLock.

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Electronic Locks Power Unparalleled Facility Automation

Boost Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction with the Ultimate Access Control Solution to Protect Your Customers’ Valuables and Save You Time.

Say goodbye to manual lock checks and lost keys. Our smart locking solution empowers your tenants to access their self storage units conveniently, and takes the burden of access management off your team. From move in to move out, automate unit access at your property with electronic locks for self storage. 

Control Vacant and Delinquent
Units Automatically


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Retrofittable on a variety of hasps and doors

Designed for easy installation, the SmartLock O works with your existing hasps and can be mounted while the door is closed.

Built for extreme security and durability

Robust steel construction resistant to drilling, tested to withstand heavy usage, varying weather conditions and tamper attempts. Rated for outdoor temperatures -40C to 85C.

Extended Battery Life

Powered by standard AA batteries to make maintenance simple and cost-effective, with built in power redundancies to prevent lockouts or system failure. Disposable batteries provide years of life with no danger of fire or explosion from Lithium-ion batteries that power many competing solutions.     

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Units

A tamper-resistant design, built-in alarms and remote visibility into the unit and lock status from the IoE Control Center help prevent break-ins and give your tenants peace of mind their property is protected.

Self-Healing Wireless Network

Data is securely encrypted to safeguard customer info and system integrity and sent across a standalone wireless network that operates regardless of interference or device fault so your system is always online.

Easy Upgrade, Easier Access Management

Let your customers control their lock and don't lose out on retail revenue. Rented units are locked using standard disk or cylinder locks so how tenants access their unit doesn't change, but the time you spend managing it does.

Electronic Lock Hardware

Build a system that meets your needs with our lineup of flexible SmartLock hardware options below.

INSOMNIAC SmartLock offers wireless lock options for easy installation and maintenance in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Every electronic lock is powered by standard AA batteries rated for years of performance in the field. Weather-resistant and tamper proof for durable unit security, SmartLock automated locks offer a reliable, cost-effective solution to manage your self storage access control needs.


Automate unit overlocks with electronic locks that give you control of vacant and delinquent units all while letting your customers control their lock. 

  • Connects to existing hasp
  • Requires use of tenant lock
  • Installs without accessing unit
  • Rollup or swing door mount
  • Fits most slide and cylinder hasps
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Standardize electronic locks at your self storage facility with the SmartLock S


Replace traditional locks to offer an additional layer of security and easier unit access at an unbeatable price.

  • Replaces existing hasp
  • Rollup or swing door mount
  • Tenant access via touchpad or Bluetooth-enabled access with the Storage Genie mobile app
  • Unit access required for install
  • Fully automated electronic locking solution


Retrofit existing hasps with a flexible solution that can be used with or without a tenant lock. 

  • Allows use of tenant lock
  • Tenant access via touchpad or Bluetooth-enabled access with the Storage Genie mobile app
  • Connects to existing hasp
  • Installs without accessing unit
  • Rollup or swing door mount
  • Fits most slide and cylinder hasps
Coming Soon
Self storage smart locks retrofit existing hasps

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Extended Battery Life — Uninterrupted Security & Convenience

Reliable and long-lasting performance is crucial for seamless self storage operations. That’s why our smart locks for self storage boast an extended battery life, ensuring uninterrupted security and convenience for your customers. No more frequent battery changes or potential hazards from Lithium-ion battery packs. Designed to last years with standard, easy to find AA batteries, INSOMNIAC SmartLock will stand the test of time.

Unbeatable Price — Elevate Your Business and Reduce Costs

Elevate your self storage business with INSOMNIAC SmartLock without breaking the bank with a solution that delivers exceptional value without compromising on quality. Seamlessly integrated to your management system and access control software, SmartLock gives you ultimate control at a price that can’t be beat.

INSOMNIAC SmartLock automated locking solution for self storage
Electronic lock for self storage storage withstands water

Extreme Weather Endurance — Built to Withstand the Toughest Conditions

INSOMNIAC SmartLock is rigorously tested to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. From scorching summers to freezing winters, our solution remains fully operational, providing peace of mind and reliability for both you and your self storage customers. 

Proudly Made in America — Trust in Quality & Craftsmanship

In an era where trust and quality matter more than ever, OpenTech takes pride that all of our products are made in America. We prioritize superior craftsmanship and adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. Rest assured, with our product, you are investing in an unrivaled smart access solution that exemplifies durability, security and automation.

SmartLock made in America

Why You'll Love SmartLocks

Invest in the future of self storage access control technology and transform your operation. 

Streamlined Operations

Say goodbye to manual lock checks and onsite overlocks. Our smart access system empowers you to conveniently manage your property remotely and reduce administrative burdens.

Enhanced Security

Protect your customers' valuables with advanced technology that ensures only authorized individuals can access their unit — safeguard their belongings with top-notch security and system alerts.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly upgrade your existing rollup and swing doors. With retrofittable options, SmartLocks can be conveniently installed on locked doors to minimize disruption during implementation.

Upgrade Your Self Storage Operation Today

Contact us now to learn more about INSOMNIAC SmartLock and how you can elevate your operation with an electronic locking solution designed for self storage. 

Tenant Trends

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