Self Storage Security Monitoring

Protect Your Property with INSOMNIAC® SmartEye, the self storage security solution that is always on guard

SmartEye live monitoring prevents property damage at self storage facility
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Stop Crime at Your Property Before the Damage is Done

Protect your tenants and property assets with INSOMNIAC SmartEye — a proactive service that uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect, intercept and prevent intrusions at your facility.

How SmartEye Works

This intelligent storage facility security monitoring system uses your existing camera systems to prevent and deter crime, rather than just record it. Integrated with your existing CCTV systems, SmartEye detects bad behavior as it happens and immediately alerts our Virtual Security Team (VST).


Artificial intelligence and machine learning flag and stream incidents immediately when they occur.


The Virtual Security Team views and assesses each incident, and uses onsite speakers to communicate directly with the perpetrator.


The Virtual Security Team can immediately contact police or local authorities if required.

SmartEye Incident Summary - 2023

Total Proactive Visitor Notifications
# Times Audio Prevented Trespassing
# Times Authorities Dispatched to Facility

*Data represents self storage sites monitored through INSOMNIAC® SmartEye between January 1 and December 31, 2023.

See SmartEye Security
Monitoring in Action

Don’t waste hours looking through recorded footage, rely on untrained personnel to respond to late night incidents or leave your property unprotected. Professionals are standing by to deter perpetrators with audio messages or dispatch local authorities.

SmartEye self storage security monitoring stops trespasser in tracks
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See how to protect your self storage property
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Devon Self Storage Reduces Burglary Claims 67-100% at Memphis Self Storage Facilities with INSOMNIAC SmartEye

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Ken Nitzberg, CEO, Devon Self Storage:

“OpenTech’s SmartEye system has significantly improved the profitability and security of our Memphis locations.”

in claims savings per month at two facilities
$ 0

Have the Safest Self Storage Property on the Block

Help storage tenants feel safe storing and accessing their valuables at your facility, and prevent damage to your property and reputation.

Key Features and Benefits

Prevent & Deter Crime

Enhance Existing Camera Systems

Help Tenants
Feel Secure

The SmartEye Security Advantage

Upgrade your existing CCTV system to take your security monitoring to the next level. 

SmartEye leverages your existing self storage security monitoring hardware to detect and deter thieves.

Upgrade Your Self Storage Security with SmartEye:

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SmartEye Equipment & Services

When your property security is at risk, speed matters. INSOMNIAC SmartEye works with your existing CCTV system to save you time and money when you need it most.

SmartEye Video Hub

Connects to your network and streams video events to the Central Monitoring Station. There is no need to replace your existing camera system.

  • TCP/IP Communications
  • Requires Internet connection. Min 5 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload.
Stream security risks immediately with SmartEye self storage security monitoring
communicate with storage trespassers with an IP speaker

SmartEye IP Speaker

IP enabled speakers allow the Virtual Security Team to communicate and provide voice response when an incident occurs.

  • Outdoor-ready
  • Clear, long-range audio
  • Simple installation with network cable and Power over Internet (PoE)

Virtual Security Service

The SmartEye Virtual Security Service provides live monitoring of your camera feed by the Virtual Security Team (VST).

  • The VST responds to incidents via voice commands and dispatches first responders as required
  • Cameras monitored 12 hours per day
  • The number of monitored security cameras in each package varies
  • Add additional cameras as needed to customize coverage to your self storage property needs
SmartEye Self Storage Security Monitoring Stops Trespassers in Their Tracks

What Our Customers Are Saying

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FAQs - Security Monitoring SmartEye

Yes! INSOMNIAC® SmartEye self storage security systems can monitor your facilities wherever you have cameras installed 24/7 to give you the peace of mind that your assets are protected through our system.

SmartEye is designed to work with your existing CCTV cameras to make it simple and seamless to upgrade your self storage security with OpenTech. If you need cameras to outfit your property, our expert security team can provide recommendations or connect you with our preferred vendors to help facilitate your facility setup.
If an incident occurs, the facility owner, anyone added to an approved contact list (facility managers, employees, etc.), and our Virtual Security Team (VST) will be notified first. If needed, our VST can also contact local authorities in real-time to handle the situation in person.

Our AI and machine learning self storage security solutions can be programmed to monitor and prevent a variety of incidents based on your facility needs, including:

  • Trespassing and intrusions
  • Unit break-ins
  • After-hours tenant access
  • False alarms
  • Vandalism and theft

And more!