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Internet of Everything

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Internet of Everything

The OpenTech IoE smart storage platform works seamlessly to help facility operators proactively manage site operations, integrate software and devices, and enhance the customer experience while capturing and reporting actionable data to more effectively manage your self storage portfolio.

Connect your
keypads cameras call center thermostats unit alarms tenant data operation unit locks

Work across systems and suppliers to simplify your self storage operations

Connect your access control, security, unit alarms, thermostats, call center and more for seamless automation and business insights for smart storage operations. Outfit your facility with our suite of available smart storage products and third-party integrations, or work with us to connect your devices to our platform via the open API.

Explore our smart-connected facility model to learn more. (Hover over each  Yellow Plus to see how these systems can work together!)

Smart-Connected Storage Facility
Full-Service Kiosk Office Analytics Voice-Controlled Devices Call Center Solutions Hands-Free Mobile Access Access Control HVAC CCTV Gate Alerts Unit Overlock Unit Locks Unit Alarms Access Control

Full-Service Kiosk

With this easy-to-use self storage kiosk, customers can make a payment or rent a unit at their convenience, regardless of whether a manager is available or your facility is open. Live Help is always available for your tenants via call center Storage Counselors.

Office Analytics

Track foot patterns at your office when it’s open or closed. Monitor how many times the door opens each day, receive alerts when the office isn’t open on time, and discover how often people attempt to visit your office but the door is closed.

Voice-Controlled Devices

Use voice commands and an Alexa skill to perform tasks or receive information about your storage facility. Ask Alexa to ‘open the gate,’ ‘adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees’ or ask ‘how many tenants are currently on the property.’

Call Center Solutions

Support your manager with full-scale or supplemental services to ensure your tenants receive superior customer service, every time they call. When connected, self storage call center agents can facilitate kiosk transactions and assist customers when they’re locked in or out of the facility.

Hands-Free Mobile Access

Easily grant your tenants hands-free access with the Storage Genie tenant mobile app. Once setup, tenants can enter the facility without re-entering their credentials in the app or on a keypad.

Access Control

Easily manage permissions for all access points at your self storage facility. Quickly add or remove tenants, restrict access to certain buildings/areas, and view tenant visit info and manage properties remotely.


Save on your HVAC expenses – monitor and control the temperature at your facility from any location. Adjust your thermostat remotely and receive alerts when temperatures or humidity levels change.


Connect your existing cameras to a smart, prevention-based self storage security monitoring system. Using artificial intelligence and a Virtual Security Team, you can detect and prevent crime before it happens.

Gate Alerts

Address gate operator issues before they impact tenants or create a security situation. Receive alerts when a gate does not open or close when requested, or is forced open or closed manually.

Unit Overlock

Automate tenant notifications during the rental and overlock process without investing hundreds in a unit-locking system for an easy and economical overlock solution. Currently available through an integration with the DaVinci Lock® System.

Unit Locks

Automate overlocks and secure vacant units with self storage electronic locks. Monitor unit access remotely in the IoE Control Center and improve operational efficiency with remote overlock capabilities.

Unit Alarms

Monitor the status of your hardwired unit alarms from any Internet-enabled device. Connect your old individual unit alarms to the IoE to quickly see when units are armed, offline or in alert status.

Access Control

Easily manage tenant permissions for all access points at your facility. Restrict entry to certain areas, including building entry/exits. Plus, hands-free access granted at all entry points with the tenant mobile app.

Manage Your Properties with Smart Storage Operations

Meet the brains of the OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything). The IoE Control Center is your connection to this powerful platform of interconnected devices and integrations, and grants you access to a user-friendly dashboard to help you manage your property — whether you’re onsite or on-the-go. From this feature-rich command center, operators can monitor and control any software, service or device, and generate useful data to drive business intelligence.  

Manage your self storage facility data with our IoE smart storage solutions | OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
IoE Control Center

What Our Customers Are Saying

“CIA solved our requirement for a cloud-based access control solution and provides us with tenant behavior data to better understand our customers and their activity onsite. Hands-free access with Storage Genie was icing on the cake!”

—Ben Hendricks, Five Star Storage

“Combining artificial intelligence with good old fashioned eyes on the target and live voice, SmartEye has proven to be an effective tool that we can use to ensure a safe and secure environment for our customers.”

—Jim Kwitchoff, Life Storage

Facility-Ready IoE Solutions

Your Property. Your Devices. Your Choice.

All integrated to one interconnected platform

Choose from our wide array of smart products, integrations and apps, or bring your own. We specialize in creating custom intelligent storage solutions uniquely tailored to the self storage industry, and also integrate with a variety of popular third-party technology to help you provide the best experience for your storage operation and tenants. The OpenTech IoE is an open platform, so you can integrate any property management software, call center or other system you add or acquire. Learn more about our ecosystem of supported solutions below.   

Available Products

Enhance your property with OpenTech’s smart storage solutions specifically designed for the self storage industry. Click on an available product to learn more.

Available Integrations

Connect your third-party technology to our platform for seamless automation and business insights. Click on an available integration to learn more.

Don’t see something you want? Ask about our open API. 

Save Energy, Save Money

Don’t waste money manually adjusting thermostats throughout your properties. A smart-connected thermostat helps you keep your climate-controlled units at optimal temperatures so you save automatically. 

All-in-One Access Control

From your front self storage gate to interior building doors, secure your storage property against unauthorized access with cloud-based access control software. Now you can easily track and manage access to your properties through a mobile-friendly control center, and give your tenants mobile access too.
IoE Control Center Menu - CIA

Security That Detects and Prevents
Crime Before it Happens

Did someone enter your property and never leave? Was that a false alarm or a real one? Stop dealing with security incidents after the damage has already been done. With your existing camera system, our smart storage Virtual Security Team detects bad behavior as it happens to prevent and deter crime rather than just record it. Know that your tenants, assets and property are secure, no matter where you are.

Self Storage Business & Revenue
Management Insights

Get visibility into tenant trends and property insights to make data-driven decisions around staffing, revenue management, energy use, predictive maintenance and more with our self storage technology. User-friendly reporting and alert capabilities let you quickly see activity patterns across your storage operation and prepare for property needs. 

Visualize Trends
  • Monitor open/close trends for each location
  • Identify peak periods of activity and customer traffic
Uncover Activity
  • Pinpoint activity such as loitering, delinquent access attempts, or open access points that could create safety concerns 

  • Keep a historic timestamp of tenant visits 

Central Control Center
  • Control and monitor one or multiple facilities
  • Set custom alerts and reports to receive notifications in real-time, and stay up-to-date on daily, weekly and monthly data trends

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IoE Integration Unit Alarms

Quickly and easily upgrade older individual unit door alarms systems without the need to rewire the property. 


Why is the OpenTech IoE the smart choice for my storage operation?

What does an access control system cost?

IoE Pyramid Structure 02

The Industry Standard for IoE Solutions

The OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything) is the leading cloud-based platform built on four primary components designed to support and enhance your self storage operations: 

Integrate the data from your different systems into one database to easily store, sort, correlate and analyze your tenant and property data from one central location.       

Reports and real-time data visualization help you gain critical insights into tenant behaviors and predictive maintenance needs. Operators have successfully employed data insights to enhance revenue management, settle tenant disputes, optimize staffing schedules and more. 

Remotely manage your OpenTech and third-party technology at one or multiple facilities from any location or Internet-enabled device. Choose from our ecosystem of supported smart storage solutions, or work with us to integrate your preferred software via the open API.  

Keep an eye on your properties with the comprehensive notification service that provides real-time alerts about your property/tenants based on custom triggers.

Icons Website FAQ 2021 IoE Facility Management Platform

FAQs - OpenTech IoE Facility Management Platform

OpenTech IoE stands for ‘Internet of Everything’ and represents a place where self storage facility owners can connect all of their site data, device integrations and facility operations. With a central place for operational data and control, self storage facility owners can manage their portfolios with ease and see what operations move the needle or where they need to pivot.

What software you need will depend on your desired integrations (view here), but the platform can connect with most third-party systems. The majority of products can be managed directly from your IoE Control Center dashboard. Contact us for more information.

Check out how the OpenTech IoE can increase your revenue, improve visibility and more in our full video here.

We’ve compiled all the facts and the total cost of ownership for INSOMNIAC® CIA, the flagship product of the OpenTech IoE system, in our downloadable white paper. Download today!

Tenant Trends

Download this free white paper and learn:
  1. Onsite behaviors, popular access times, traffic patterns and delinquent spikes
  2. Rental timing both on and offsite
  3. Payment preferences and more