OpenTech Alliance Adds INSOMNIAC® SmartGate to IoE Platform

July 17, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative smart-connected technology solutions for the self storage industry, announced the launch of INSOMNIAC SmartGate, a new self storage security gate software integration for OpenTech’s intelligent platform of smart-connected self storage solutions, OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything). When combined with INSOMNIAC CIA, SmartGate self storage security gate software allows owners and operators to receive alert notifications when a gate or other device does not open or close when requested, or when it is opened or closed manually.


What Is INSOMNIAC SmartGate?


INSOMNIAC SmartGate enables owners and operators to address gate operator issues before they impact tenants or create a potential security situation. If a tenant enters a valid code at the keypad and the gate does not open within a specified period of time, an email or text alert notifies the facility there is a problem with the gate operator. If the gate opens and does not close within a specified period of time – due to a safety device or gate operator malfunction, or someone blocking the gate – an alert will notify the facility that the gate did not close. SmartGate can also alert management when your self storage gate system is forced opened without a valid code being entered, providing another layer of security in your storage access control.


How It Works


INSOMNIAC SmartGate works in conjunction with a sensor (magnet, contact or other device) mounted on your facility gate and connected to your INSOMNIAC CIA keypad. The centralized intelligent control provided through the INSOMNIAC CIA gateway and IoE Control Center allows operators to generate custom alerts via email or text when an incident occurs, so staff can respond to tenant and security issues in real-time.

“INSOMNIAC SmartGate provides yet another tool to safeguard self storage operations against security threats, as well as offer a frictionless customer experience for tenants,” stated Jon Loftin, Vice President and IoE Product Owner at OpenTech Alliance. “This new integration, like many others developed for the OpenTech IoE platform, enables operators to proactively prepare for, prevent and respond to onsite issues – which ultimately creates competitive and operational advantages for the facility.”


New Features


This new self storage security gate system module is the seventh integration of many to be supported by the OpenTech IoE platform. Other integrations include: INSOMNIAC CIA (Cloud-based access control); INSOMNIAC SmartEye (Security monitoring); INSOMNIAC SmartDoor (Office analytics); HVAC; Call Center; and an Alexa skill.

The SmartGate integration is available at no additional charge for OpenTech INSOMNIAC CIA customers. SmartGate is compatible with any type of magnet or contact. Find information about OpenTech’s recommended sensor – designed for high-traffic situations, with a wide temperature range and armored cable – here. A one-time Setup, Training and Customization fee of $29 per facility is required.

Contact us today to learn more about SmartGate self storage security gate software.


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