Re-inventing Access Control with the Industry’s First Smart Connected Self Storage Solution: INSOMNIAC Centralized Intelligent Access (CIA)

According to the 2017 SSA Demand Study, tenants ranked Gate Access* as the most important feature. Enhance your property and gain facility level intelligence with your keypad. Introducing the future of self-storage access, INSOMNIAC CIA.

INSOMNIAC CIA gives you total control of a single or thousands of properties, and addresses issues with older PC-based systems including technology, warranty, installation, and support. Don’t worry about computer problems or never-ending software updates as the cloud-based software will continue to operate even if your Internet connection goes down. Managers and owners, gain insights into your renter’s behaviors and streamline business operations with predictive maintenance triggers with real-time data visualization and reporting from the OpenTech IoE Control Center. Enhance your tenants’ experiences by utilizing the hands-free secure access from our Storage Genie mobile app.

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*57% of self-storage tenants rate gate access at the most important feature

Key Features & Benefits

Exclusive Lifetime protection includes hardware warranty including lightning and power surges, unlimited telephone and technical support as well as software subscription and updates.

Works from any mobile device, PC, Mac, tablet
or smartphone.

Storage Genie tenant mobile app featuring hands-free secure access to your property.



Designed to incorporate the latest encryption and token-based technologies for all communications between gateway, remote devices and web servers.

Cloud based dashboard provides state of the art data visualization and reporting.

ETL Listing and Surge tested to 20,000 Volts.


CIA Control Center

The software is located in the cloud, utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) so you won’t ever have to worry about computer problems such as loss of data, limited amount of storage, computer crashes or never-ending software updates.

Access from anywhere in the WORLDAccess from local store only
Data stored in CloudData stored on local PC
Immediate updates and remote enhancementsNever-ending software updates
Real-time data visualization
and reporting
No centralized data and control
Lifetime protectionLimited technical support & no long-term warranty
Lower total cost of ownershipSkyrocketing pricing

The base system consists of the INSOMNIAC CIA Gateway and wired or wireless keypad(s). The keypads feature state-of-the-art organic LED displays (OLED), which are bright, sunlight readable and have a wide viewing angle. Messages displayed on the keypad can be fully customized, and the keypads have been designed with unique features that makes installation and maintenance simple and painless.

CIA Wireless Keypad

Gain Facility-Level Intelligence from your Keypad

Streamline your business operations with real-time data visualization and reporting from the OpenTech IoE  Control Center. Set-up text and email alerts to be notified of a variety of actionable insights. Create predictive maintenance triggers to ensure your systems are operating at their best and remotely lock down your property in the event of a weather situation. The Control Center is accessible from any browser, tablet, or mobile device – allowing total control of your property from virtually anywhere.

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Hands-Free Access with our
Storage Genie Mobile App

Enhance your customers experiences by utilizing the hands-free secure access from our Storage Genie mobile app.

Storage genie mobile app gives convenience of utilizing beacon technology to securely grant access to your storage property all while keeping your phone in your pocket. Text me my code feature ensures customers will never be locked out.

Storage Genie Mobile App

OpenTech IoE

OpenTech IoE is our intelligent platform of Smart Connected Self Storage Solutions that harnesses the power of the Internet to connect various systems and devices, allowing for powerful new application to help streamline business operations at your storage facility. INSOMNIAC CIA has re-invented the way we view access control and is the first component of OpenTech IoE.

OpenTech IoE is built with an open API so any property management software, call center, or other application can integrate.