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Protect Your Property With the Self Storage Security Solution That is Always on Guard

INSOMNIAC® SmartEye is a tenant and asset protection service that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to “Detect, Intercept and Alert” intrusions at your self storage facility. This intelligent technology utilizes your existing camera systems to prevent and deter crime rather than just record it. 

Don’t waste hours looking through recorded footage or relying on a manager or untrained personnel to respond to middle of the night incidents. SmartEye, integrated with your existing CCTV systems, detects bad behavior as it is happening and immediately alerts our Virtual Security Team (VST). The VST is standing by to respond to the perpetrator with voice commands as well as notify the local authorities. The VST also responds to visitors with precautionary or greeting messages. This reinforces the security at your facility and makes customers feel better about storing at your facility.

Take the Stress Out of Self Storage Security.

Learn how you can get ultimate peace-of-mind for your self storage facility with SmartEye security monitoring. Talk to a self storage pro today. 

What our customers are saying

“OpenTech’s SmartEye security monitoring service has taken our facility monitoring to another level. Combining Artificial Intelligence with good old fashioned eyes on the target and live voice, SmartEye has proven to be an effective tool that we can use to ensure a safe and secure environment for our customers. The OpenTech Sales and Service teams are responsive at all times and have worked non-stop to meet our needs. We are very particular at Life Storage about the companies with which we do business, and OpenTech has met our high standards.”

—Jim Kwitchoff, Life Storage

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How SmartEye Works

Security Monitoring CameraIcon


Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will stream incidents immediately when they occur.
Security Monitoring Alarmicon


The Virtual Security Team views and assesses the incident and uses speakers to directly communicate with the perpetrator.
Security Monitoring ShieldIcon


Virtual Security Team can immediately contact police or local authorities if required.


Consider INSOMNIAC™ SmartEye's self storage security cameras and solutions today | OpenTech

IP Speaker – allows Virtual Security team to communicate and provide voice response when an incident occurs.

video hub

Video Hub – connects to your local network and streams video events to the Central Monitoring Station. There is no need to replace your existing camera system.

Key Features & Benefits

Proven results to reduce and eliminate crime at self-storage facilities

Professional monitoring by our Virtual Security Team (VST)

Proactive customer acknowledgement helping them feel safe

Customer specific protocol to fit your organization

Compliments and enhances existing security hardware & systems

SmartEye in Action