Remote Manager
for Self Storage

Provide personal service without the price tag with remote facility management for your self storage facility. Flexible, cost-effective labor options to manage your most time-consuming tasks.

Save on costs without sacrificing your customer experience

With the right team by your side, customer service can feel personal, affordable and manageable for your self storage operation.

Whether you need to reduce onsite personnel costs, grow your team quickly or supplement support tasks with flexible labor, Remote Manager can help your self storage operation save money and deliver a stellar tenant experience. Instantly add self storage service experts to your team — their dedicated services and efficiency can help you increase revenue, build customer loyalty and scale your business with ease. 

Reliable, Remote Staffing to Support Growing
Self Storage Operations

Consider Remote Manager when you want to:

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Manage Sites Remotely

Eliminate onsite store personnel costs with a fully remote frontline customer service team

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Grow Quickly

Grow your team quickly and efficiently with staff that will seamlessly represent your brand

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Reduce Staff Costs

Supplement onsite staff at a fraction of the cost and gain flexible labor at your fingertips

What Our Customers Are Saying

How 3 Mile Storage Management Saves Big with Remote Facility Managers

“We’re saving $4,000 a month on payroll on average. We’re doing just as well, if not better – we’re answering the phone seven days a week, 12 hours a day. I wish I would have done this a long time ago.”

Jim Ross, 3 Mile Storage Management
Play Video about Remote Facility Managers Reduce Payroll at Self Storage Facilities

Stop Recruiting, Start Saving

Never worry about staffing your self storage facility again. Get customer service and administrative support when you need it, and operational savings when you don’t.

Benefits of Remote Manager

Meet Your Remote Team

Ready to save time? Make your operation more efficient with Remote Manager today.

Take Time-Consuming Tasks
Off Your Team's Plate

Remote Managers work within your property management system to handle many of the common yet critical tasks that take up valuable time in your team’s day:

Rentals &

Payments & Collections

Tenant Billing & Support

Site Maintenance & Management

How to Get Started with Remote Manager

Seamlessly add seasoned storage experts to your frontline facility staff, or transition to a fully remote team.
Already an INSOMNIAC Live! call center customer? You can get started in as little as three weeks!

Tell Us About You

We'll walk with you step-by-step through your self storage operations manual and create a custom procedures guide for your portfolio.

Finish Your Setup

Finalize your technical setup and meet your remote team in a virtual onboarding session. Get to know the people that will represent your brand.

We'll Train Your Team

Your dedicated support team attends your internal training, or we'll build one. You'll feel confident they know your operation back-to-front.

Optimize & Scale

Add new facilities to your service anytime you need. Stay aligned through regular reports, metrics and meetings with your remote team.