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Elevate your customer service & never miss another call.

INSOMNIAC™ Live! Self Storage Call Center

SSA studies have shown that 40% of calls to facilities go unanswered! Even with a tech-savvy internet population, 38% of first contacts to self storage facilities occur via the phone. How many new rental opportunities could you capture if you could answer EVERY call in 3 rings or less? Increase your revenue and enhance your customer service with an INSOMNIAC Live! call center solution today.

  • Scalable Call Center solutions allow you to customize call-answering services depending on needs.

  • Seamlessly integrate in real-time with major Property Management Software vendors.

  • Storage Counselors are extensively trained to assist and convert your self storage customers. 

  • We assist over 2,200 storage facilities, from the largest REIT’s, to the individual facility owner, all from our US based offices. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We pay a lot of money to get the phone to ring. OpenTech is our  backup team when our managers are busy with customers. I highly recommend them to ensure every call is answered.”

— Ben Hendricks, Vice President of Five Star Storage

Evaluate Your Storage Calls Today

Every call counts. According to the SSA, 60% of customers rent from the first storage facility they can reach. An analysis of 3MIL+ calls reveals you may only have seconds to capture that call. Do you know how to measure the success of your storage calls? Download this helpful infographic to learn 5 simple steps to get started.

Our Calls Are:


Answered by industry specialists. Training, industry experience and attitude make all the difference.

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Answered by a bilingual staff, so you don’t miss out on sales or terrific service from Spanish-speaking customers.

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Answered quickly. We lead the industry with Average Speed to Answer of 11 seconds and a low Abandoned Rate of 1.3%.


Recorded, so you can listen to each call immediately and rate it for quality.


Answered consistently, so your brand is properly promoted.


Guaranteed. OpenTech offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

OpenTech Call Center Solutions Ensure You Will Never Miss a Call Again!

Our goal is to help self storage owners work SMARTER. We offer customizable solutions to assist each property and their unique attributes.

All Calls

Live! AllCalls

All calls sent immediately to a Storage Counselor or presented with voice prompts to specify their needs. Allows managers to focus on servicing on-site customers, market prospecting and overall facility operations.


Live! Voicemail

Callers are routed to our voice messaging system that emails message to facility and provides owners insight into call volumes and missed opportunities.

Roll Over

Live! Rollover

Storage Counselors will answer calls for your facility when the line is busy or when a manager is not available. Calls first ring to the facility giving manager first opportunity to assist.

Live Chat

Live! Chat, Text, Email

Enhance your customer prospecting by using multiple channels of communication such as chat on your website, text messaging and email.

After Hours

Live! AfterHours

Provides pre-scheduled night, weekend and special hour coverage

OpenTech Services to Help You Run Your Own Call Center

We offer solutions to assist your internal Call Center operations.



Save on costly up-front software and development fees. Our cloud services are exclusively designed to get your call center up and running fast.


Live! XtraAgent

Need some assistance during peak months? Use our Storage Counselors to assist your in-house call center.



Create the ultimate in-house workstation with our cloud based phone system and LiveAgent!* software.

*Must license LiveAgent! application


Live! XpressPay

Fast and secure automated self-service tool that collects payments 24/7.

satisfaction guaranteed

INSOMNIAC Live! call center solutions are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This creates a true partnership by placing the real “guarantee” upon the promise that we deliver. 

Slide What Our Customers Are Saying “On average, our largest store is producing 12 additional rentals per
month through the call center. Other properties average about 5-7
additional rentals monthly per store, resulting in a 14% same-store sales increase
in 2013. With the call center, we get more income from rentals, gain occupancy
and raise rates when occupancies get higher.”
Anne Ballard President of Marketing, Training and Developmental Services at USG
Slide What Our Customers Are Saying “We are excited to partner with OpenTech in taking on and expanding our strategic
call center capabilities. Their strong experience and flexible technology
infrastructure is critical to furthering our customer engagement
and supporting our company growth.”
Joe Robinson SVP & CMO, Simply Self Storage
Slide What Our Customers Are Saying “My managers love the call center – if they’re on the phone, they know the
call’s getting answered and not going to voicemail. It not only makes their
job easier; it makes them more successful.”
Eric Miller President, Atlantic Self Storage
Slide What Our Customers Are Saying “All of our inbound calls are handled by the OpenTech call center. Outsourcing our inbound phone traffic
frees up our people to focus on the most important tasks at hand and gives us peace of mind in knowing
that calls are handled quickly and efficiently, even when we’re not available. Incoming leads go immediately into
our SiteLinkTM property management system, enabling us to follow-up right away and providing a
detailed record of each call. I can’t imagine running a self-storage business without it.”
Norman Hardy Owner, Hardy’s Self Storage
Slide What Our Customers Are Saying Over the course of a year, the OpenTech Call Center contributed to an increase
in occupancy from 71% to 82%, an all-time high.”
Blair Valk Assured Self Storage