Self Storage Office Analytics

INSOMNIAC® SmartDoor smart sensors provide insight into foot traffic patterns at your self storage office when it’s open or closed.
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Turn Self Storage Foot Traffic Data into Increased Rentals

How many times do customers visit your office or more importantly how many times do potential customers come to the office only to find that the door is locked? With over 46% of all customers renting for one year or longer, missing a single renter can have an impact on your bottom line.
INSOMNIAC™ SmartDoor provides owners and operators the ability to gain insights and actionable data on when customers visit the office and when potential customers attempt to visit the office. Sensors are mounted on the office front door and record when a person comes up to the front door and when the door opens. SmartDoor tracks the date, time and number of times that the office door opens  but more importantly how many times (and what time of day) someone comes to the front door and the office door is closed. 

How SmartDoor Works


Detects Customer

Sensors mounted on the office door record when a person comes up to the front door and when the door opens.

office foot traffic

Records Interaction

SmartDoor tracks the date, time and number of times that the office door opens and more importantly when the door is closed.

traffic insights & patterns

Reports Insights

Real-time reporting is available in the OpenTech IoE Control Center where you can analyze trends and make important decisions about your operations.

SmartDoor Equipment


The logic inside of the Gateway and the OpenTech IoE Control Center use the data to report on date/time that the door is opened as well as date/time that a potential customer attempts to enter the office, but can’t because the office door is closed.

Graphic IoEGateway.ControlCenter IoE Apr2020 01
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Request to Exit Sensors & Door Contacts

Connects to inputs on the Gateway controller and is used to detect when the office door is opened and when potential tenants approach the office door.

Key Features & Benefits

Gain insights on potential lost customers due to office being closed.

No additional monthly cost and low cost one-time sensor cost.

Track date/time that customers visit the office.

Use data to make decisions about office staffing levels and hours of operation.

Track date/time that prospective customers visit the office.

Sample SmartDoor Results from the IoE Control Center

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