Storage Genie Tenant Mobile App

Grant your customers touchless entry with an app that lets them use their smartphone as a mobile keycard. 

Mobile Access Events in 2021

Hands-Free Access to Your Self Storage Property

Give Your Tenants Mobile Access and Control

Storage Genie is your tenants’ key to easy storage. The app gives your tenants mobile credentials for secure, easy entry to your self storage property. Customers can also make payments, view access history and contact your facility directly through the app. The best part? The Storage Genie tenant mobile app is included free with every INSOMNIAC® CIA access control system.   

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Download the App

Download the Storage Genie app to see how easy it is to grant your tenants hands-free access to your self storage facility.

Mobile Tools to Make Self Storage Simple

Enhance your tenant experience with the Storage Genie mobile app

Gives self storage tenants mobile access with Storage Genie

Give Your Tenants the Key to Easy Storage

Secure Access Granted

Your tenants use their access credentials to securely gain mobile entry to your self storage property.

Details On-Demand

Your tenants can quickly view their access history or contact info for your facility.

CIA Keypads come with Storage Genie app included
Hands-Free, Easy Entry

Make facility access automatic. From harsh climates to big rigs and full hands, Storage Genie is here to help with them all.

Mobile Payments

Make it easy for your tenants to pay their monthly rent on-the-go, directly in the app.

One Solution = 3 Powerful Tools

The Storage Genie Mobile App is Included with INSOMNIAC CIA Access Control

The perfect access control solution in one all-inclusive package.

INSOMNIAC CIA gives you the power of three tools in one. Your tenants need mobile access, your facility needs gate access keypads and you need an easy way to manage it all. Get cutting-edge technology, live telephone technical support and real-time tenant and property insights with the industry’s leading cloud-based access control solution

Find out how our keypad, gate and storage access control solutions can work for your facilities | OpenTech

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*Facility Marketing Kit included with INSOMNIAC CIA

OpenTech IoE

Get visibility into tenant trends and property insights to make data-driven decisions around staffing, revenue management, energy use, predictive maintenance and more with the OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything).
Click on each solution below to see how your systems can work together.

Smart-Connected Storage Solutions
The OpenTech IoE Unit Locks Door Sensors - INSOMNIAC SmartDoor INSOMNIAC Full-Service Kiosks CCTV Integrations - INSOMNIAC SmartEye Gate Sensors - INSOMNIAC SmartGate Digital Signage HVAC Integration - Honeywell Call Center Integration - INSOMNIAC Live! Voice Controlled Devices- Alexa Skill Cart & Usage Tracking Other Integrations Access Control - INSOMNIAC CIA

The OpenTech IoE

The OpenTech IoE platform is based on four primary components; a centralized data structure for collecting data from any device or source, business analytics tools for learning from the data, the ability to monitor and control both proprietary and third-party devices, and a comprehensive notification service based on customizable alerts and triggers.

OpenTech IoE includes an open API so any property management software, call center, or other applications can easily integrate with the platform.

Unit Locks

Coming Soon! Provide access control and additional security to both occupied and vacant units to enhance your property and customer experience.

Door Sensors – INSOMNIAC SmartDoor

SmartDoor helps you track foot patterns at your office when it’s open or closed. Monitor how many times the door opens each day, receive alerts when the office isn’t open on time, and discover how often people attempt to visit your office but the door is closed.

INSOMNIAC Full-Service Kiosks

With this easy-to-use self-service terminal, customers can make a payment or rent a unit at their convenience, regardless of whether a manager is available or your facility is open. Live support is always available for your tenants via call center Storage Counselors.

CCTV Integrations – INSOMNIAC SmartEye

Connect your existing CCTV cameras to a smart, prevention-based security system. Using artificial intelligence and a Virtual Security Team, you can detect, prevent and alert authorities to crimes before the damage is done.

Gate Sensors – INSOMNIAC SmartGate

Address gate operator issues before they impact tenants or create a security situation. Receive alerts when a gate does not open or close when requested, or is forced open or closed manually.

Digital Signage

Coming Soon! Captivate your customers with customized messaging to distribute content and drive attention- grabbing displays.

HVAC Integration – Honeywell

Save on your HVAC expenses – monitor and control the temperature at your facility from any location. Adjust your thermostat remotely and receive alerts when temperatures or humidity levels change.

Call Center Integration – INSOMNIAC Live!

Call center agents can remotely control access to a storage facility with INSOMNIAC™ CIA and offer superior customer service to your tenants when they’re locked in or out of the facility.

Voice Controlled Devices- Alexa Skill

Use voice commands and an Alexa skill to perform tasks or receive information about your storage facility. Ask Alexa to ‘open the gate,’ ‘adjust the thermostat to 78 degrees’ or ask ‘how many tenants are currently on the property.’

Cart & Usage Tracking

Future Development: Manage your inventory and track tenant usage of onsite equipment.

Other Integrations

Connect your third-party technology to our smart platform to create a custom platform that works for you – ask about our open API. Plus keep an eye out for future integrations coming soon!

Access Control – INSOMNIAC CIA

Easily manage permissions for all access points at your facility. Quickly add or remove tenants, restrict access to certain buildings/areas, view tenant visit info and manage properties remotely.