Insights Unlocked: OpenTech Alliance 2024 Self Storage Data White Paper Available Now

OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in self storage, proudly announces the release of its latest annual data white paper to shed light on the evolving landscape of self storage tenant behavior. The newly unveiled 2024 Self Storage Data White Paper delivers comprehensive insights garnered from an in-depth analysis of 820,000+ customer transactions and property utilization data extracted from the expansive portfolio of self storage facilities across the world supported by the INSOMNIAC® network of self storage technology solutionsThe 2024 Self Storage Data White Paper is available for digital download free of charge on the company’s website now. A limited number of print copies will be available exclusively to operators visiting the OpenTech booth (#925) at the Inside Self Storage (ISS) World Expo taking place this week in Las Vegas, NV on April 3rd and 4th.

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Drawing from data collected throughout 2023 and offering comparative analyses spanning up to five years of tenant trends, this complimentary white paper equips operators with actionable insights to help drive operational efficiencies and competitive advantages at their facilities. The publication delves into intricate facets of customer behavior, ranging from rental and payment patterns to duration of occupancy and frequency of interactions, to illuminate emerging trends and shifting consumer preferences within self storage. Moreover, the white paper identifies pivotal factors underpinning customer satisfaction, including round-the-clock service accessibility, mobile-responsive technologies, and self-service functionalities. ISS Expo attendees can partake in an immersive walkthrough of key data points from 2023 and get practical strategies for implementation during the company’s seminar scheduled for Thursday, April 4th at 8 AM local time; titled “Self Storage Data Dump: Analytical Insights to Help Elevate Your Operation.” Join Jon Loftin, Chief Product Officer, and Kimberly Robinson, Director of Marketing Communications and white paper editor, in Academy G. 

Industry Veterans Reacts to Insights gathered from 2024 Self Storage Data White Paper

One of the key revelations highlighted in the 2024 Self Storage Data White Paper lies in the power of automation, as emphasized by M. Anne Ballard, President at Universal Storage Group: “Proof of the power of automation. This is what OpenTech shows us in the dynamic results of its 2024 White Paper. If ever there was a time when operators are looking to automation to save money and increase profits it is now. OpenTech is supplying us with all the data needed to make decisions now that will add dramatically to our bottom line.”

Furthermore, the white paper underscores the critical need for consumer data to inform business strategies. By discerning the duration, timing, and frequency of customer engagements, operators can pinpoint avenues for cost optimization and tailor pricing and staffing models to align more seamlessly with tenant needs to stay competitive.

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Operators can also see where investments in cutting-edge technologies can significantly enhance customer experiences, as noted by Jim Chiswell, Managing Partner at Chiswell & Associates, LLC: “I can still remember, years ago, at a self storage conference speaking with a much younger Robert Chiti. He was showcasing new kiosk technology that he said would revolutionize self storage management. During our meeting, I asked Robert to provide the industry with an annual report on their progress and customer results. Now, all these years later, this visionary leader and his team have assembled a Best-in-Class collection of technologies that have in fact helped lead the self storage industry into our new future. The annual White Paper you are reading is part of that ongoing commitment to our industry that Robert continues to provide all of us. Take a few minutes to really consider the operating results highlighted throughout this publication and take advantage of the available Case Studies from entrepreneurs, just like you, in their implementation of the various OpenTech Alliance technologies.”

Norm Shore, VP of Operations at William Warren Group, underscored the value operators can expect from reading the white paper: “OpenTech continues to create, innovate and adapt to the changes in our Industry. Robert and his team continue to ensure the success of thousands of properties, along every step of the customer’s self storage journey. This white paper is a must read, and the OpenTech booth or Experience Center is a must stop for new or existing operators. Thank you, OpenTech, for your continued attention to detail and sharing this white paper.” 

2024 self storage data white paper preview

Get your copy of the 2024 Self Storage Data White Paper at the 2024 ISS World Expo, or download now.

For further details, please visit, or download the white paper today.

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