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Full-service kiosk solutions that empower self storage businesses to optimize their customer interactions and streamline operations.

What Does a Self-Service Rental on a Storage Kiosk Look Like?

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INSOMNIAC storage kiosks software supports self-service transactions for self storage operators. Watch the demo video

Enhanced Experiences

Increased Revenue

Remote Management

Elevated Self Storage Kiosk Software Design:
More Ways to Engage Your Tenants


Auto-Wake + More

Customize your kiosk experience using auto-wake, interactive attraction loops, video displays and more. Built-in motion detectors can trigger custom content to promote property features, redirect to a rental screen or automatically connect to remote staff to welcome tenants face-to-face and walk them through a payment or rental in real-time.

When not in use, use your kiosk as digital signage to promote specials, onsite features and more with promotional videos and graphics that are always on-screen.

Attract walk-up tenants and street traffic at your self storage facility with storage kiosks
Live Help remote support available on self storage kiosk software


Video Tap-to-Connect

Turn any self-service transaction into a full-service experience at the touch of a button with Live Help via video chat. At any point in the rental process, storage kiosk customers can access a live customer service representative for help selecting a unit, to ask questions about the facility, or to complete the entire transaction remotely.


Promote Premium Features
with Interactive Maps

Static screens transform into interactive experiences with wayfinding maps. Help new tenants find the best unit on your property to meet their needs — and put your most valuable units at their fingertips. Maps pop up at different stages of the rental journey to give users the unit-level details they need to turn into high-value tenants.

Optimize your customer journey and upsell tenants with interactive maps on INSOMNIAC storage kiosk software
Storage kiosk offers driver's license scanner to input renter information automatically


Ultimate Privacy & Protection

Cameras, scanners and on-screen software are designed to capture and verify user details and records of every transaction. Personal information is blurred on playback to help you stay compliant and protect your customer privacy.

Features like a driver’s license scanner streamline the customer experience while improving data accuracy.

QR Codes Help You Customize Self Storage Rentals


Custom QR Code &
Access Details

Finalize your rental on-screen with an interactive experience to help your tenant access your property safely – no additional signage needed. Add a custom QR code to direct users to your tenant access app or other custom content. The software will display tenant access codes populated directly from your property management software.

Dive into the latest self-service kiosk hardware and software advances in our on-demand video, “Tech Breakdown: A Deep Dive into Recent Kiosk Advancements.” In this hour-long overview, OpenTech’s kiosk product expert examines how each new feature will help you meet the evolving needs of your customers and operation, including enhanced security, a simple user interface, remote service solutions, personalization options and more.


Kiosks can help you deliver an excellent customer experience anytime. Your self storage customers can call for Live Help at the tap of a button for two-way video support. On-demand customer service ensures you never miss another rental whether your office is open, closed or managed remotely, and you can expand onsite support for your facilities. With the assistance of Live Help, tenants can find the right unit size for their needs, get answers to property questions,  get help completing a rental, payment and more. 

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Unlock the Potential of Remote Solutions with Full-Service INSOMNIAC® Storage Kiosk Software

IdentiFlo ID

Reduce fraud with built-in kiosk software designed to help you authenticate new tenant information and identification.

E-Lease in

eSign documents like leases, addendums and autopay agreements are tied directly to your property management software for real-time updates.

Live Help Video Chat

Connect customers to virtual agents on-demand for full-service support anytime. Improve your tenant experience with Live Help at your kiosk.

Remote Facility Support

Manage multiple self storage facilities from one kiosk — tenants can view and rent available units at your nearby locations or pay rent on an existing account.

Auto-Populate Tenant Data

Automate ID capture to reduce time-to-rent and tenant data discrepancies with driver's license scanning technology.

Interactive Map Unit Selection

Promote premium units, increase conversions and help tenants navigate your property at your self-service kiosk with interactive, wayfinding maps.


Use your kiosk as digital signage: loop images or videos on your storage kiosk to attract customers, promote specials and showcase facility amenities.


Automatically engage your customers: trigger kiosk activity to offer timely promotions, information and live customer service support to onsite facility visitors.

Multi-Language Capabilities

Tenants can toggle between English, Spanish and French at your self-service kiosk to help you serve self storage customers in multiple regions and countries.

Customizable Content

Colors, wording, graphics and the tenant rental journey can be quickly modified or added to customize the kiosk to your self storage brand.


Let customers pick up where they left off. New tenants can complete an online rental or phone reservation onsite at your self storage kiosk for a seamless rental experience.

Fast, Responsive Interface

Tenants enjoy lightning-fast interactions with a responsive, large format interface for simple, swift transactions and a seamless customer experience.

Remote Device Monitoring

Streamline maintenance with remote device management. Our technical team can configure, update and troubleshoot your device remotely to keep your kiosk in top condition.

Rental Information Collection

Our kiosks help you collect precise and detailed rental data to enhance operational efficiency and bolster compliance for lease agreements and enforcement.

Advanced Kiosk Reporting

Access advanced transaction reports for your kiosk to optimize customer engagement and inform efficient onsite self storage facility management.

And a Lot More. Learn How a Storage Kiosk Can Amplify Your Business.

To help you equip a property of any shape or size, INSOMNIAC kiosks come equipped with a variety of the following convenient hardware features:

  • A 21.5” or 32” full-size color touchscreen for a user-friendly experience;
  • A driver’s license scanner to capture tenant details in seconds;
  • Digital and pinhole cameras help verify tenant ID and kiosk interactions;
  • Secure credit card readers, bill acceptors and lock dispensers to support a full range of onsite tenant transactions
  • Easily-accessible, ADA-compliant push button for remote support 
  • Pedestal, through-the-wall and surface mount installation options to suit any self storage site

Check out these full-service storage kiosk hardware features and more today. 

StrongPoint Self Storage

When its Facility Manager's house flooded, StrongPoint Self Storage relied on its self storage kiosk to keep its Lake Charles, LA location open for business.

Storage Solutions

Among the earliest adopters, Storage Solutions has leveraged self-service kiosks since 2004 to capture after-hours payments and manage remote facilities.

StorSpace Self Storage

StorSafe Self Storage Management relies on automation, including kiosks, to streamline operations and cut labor costs by 50%.

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