INSOMNIAC Self-Service Kiosk Return on Investment (ROI) Worksheet

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Typical cap rates fall between 6.​5% to 9%

INCREASE REVENUES – Incremental Rentals

Average monthly rent per unit *
Average Length of Stay in Months (<24 mo.) *
Additional rentals per month *
2018 Median number of move-ins averaged 3 units (per facility) monthly across the INSOMNIAC kiosk network. Top 100 performing kiosks median rises to 12 units (per facility)
% of rentals that are incremental *
Expanding office hours? 100% of rentals are incremental

INSOMNIAC Self-Service Kiosk Costs

Kiosk Setup, Training, and Customization Service
Monthly Lifetime Protection Service
Call Center Setup, Training, Customization Service


Average value of new rental
Incremental Revenue Per Month
Incremental Revenue Per Year
Total # of incremental rentals

Annual NOI Impact

Annual NOI Impact

REDUCE EXPENSES – Payroll savings (including taxes, benefits, etc.)

Staffing Model  Employee costs per hourStaff Managed Office Hours per weekEstimated Hours Reduced per week due to Kiosk
Resident Manager #1  
Resident Manager #2  
Full-time / On-site Manager  
Assistant Manager  
Relief/Holiday Manager  
Total staff hours per week
Hours saved per week
Hours saved per month
Payroll Savings Per Month
Payroll Savings Per Year


 Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Annual savings from reducing office hours or staffing
Incremental rental revenue from extended kiosk hours
Net Operating Income (NOI) from kiosk
Kiosk purchase price
Setup, Training, and Customization fee
Call Center Service fee
Lifetime Protection Service
Total Megan Payroll (by year)
Total yearly impact on NOI
Accumulated impact of NOI
Average yearly impact on NOI
Increase in facility valuation due to kiosk
Did your ROI calculation surprise you? In addition to increasing revenue, reducing payroll expenses, and increasing your facility valuation; INSOMNIAC® Kiosks provide self storage owners and operators with a multitude of benefits! The ability to rent units and accept payments 24/7, digital recordings of all transactions, reduction in staffing costs and Live Help via 2-way video and VOIP technology to assist customers with an array of questions. With over 20 years of experience focused on self-service kiosks for the self storage industry, we would love the opportunity to share more with you.

*Calculations are an estimate and only used for this exercise, results will vary.

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