OpenTech Alliance to Debut INSOMNIAC® SmartLock™ Electronic Locking Solution, Boasting Low Cost and Longest Battery Life in Industry

SmartLock electronic locks for self storage automate unit access and control

OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in self storage, is proud to unveil its latest innovation, the INSOMNIAC SmartLock. This secure electronic locking solution promises to redefine automated locking solutions for self storage operators, presenting a strategic opportunity to streamline unit access control, reduce operational costs and elevate the overall tenant experience, at a reasonable cost. Self storage operators had a chance to demo INSOMNIAC SmartLocks at the Self Storage Association (SSA) 2023 Fall Conference and Trade Show on September 6th and 7th in Las Vegas, NV at booth #419. Operators that didn’t attend the show can request a private consultation with their representative today.

Robert A. Chiti Shares Advantages of OpenTech Smart Locks:

“We have been investing in R&D, testing prototypes and meeting with our customer base for the last several years to ensure our electronic locks meet the requirements unique to self storage and offers a competitive advantage for operators,” stated Robert A. Chiti, CEO at OpenTech Alliance. “In an industry where operational efficiency and cost savings are paramount, we are confident we have developed a line of SmartLocks, built on our OpenNet infrastructure, that will future-proof facilities without disrupting their existing tenant base.” INSOMNIAC SmartLocks are available in three models, with the SmartLock O in pilot testing now. SmartLocks stand apart from other solutions by offering compatibility with existing tenant locks, a standard AA power source, 4-5 year target battery life and the ability to easily retrofit existing doors and hasps, among other advantages.

Storage King USA Pilots SmartLock Electronic Locking Solution:

“We have been watching the development of electronic locks over the years. High product costs and complex installation prevented us from deploying the technology. We are thrilled to be part of the pilot and our team sees multiple benefits from the SmartLock system, including decreasing the time managers spend on tasks like locking and unlocking delinquent units, streamlining our rental process, and the OpenNet infrastructure that allows us to integrate additional devices and sensors to monitor and control our properties from anywhere,” stated Brian Cohen, CEO and President of Andover Properties/Storage King USA.

SmartLock is designed on a self-healing, secure, open wireless communication infrastructure, OpenNet, which allows operators to integrate various third-party devices and provide Wi-Fi access to their tenants throughout the property. “OpenNet brings added value to storage facilities, as it effortlessly provides Wi-Fi access to their premises without requiring any supplementary equipment,” stated Jon Loftin, SVP of Product at OpenTech Alliance. “This can be leveraged to add value for the tenant or give operators greater capacity to monitor and manage their properties remotely.” SmartLock uses OpenNet to establish a robust communication link with strategically positioned Access Points throughout the property. These Access Points form a dynamic network utilizing a private Wi-Fi infrastructure to ensure reliable and efficient data transmission.

Automate Self Storage Unit Access and Control with Smart Locks for Self Storage

Features vary across SmartLock models so operators can design a flexible solution that fits the needs of their individual facilities. SmartLock O works with tenant locks to automate control of vacant and delinquent units and does not change the tenant experience with keypad or Bluetooth access. Models R and S offer both keypad and mobile access to the tenant via the Storage Genie app to automate unit access and security. All models are managed from a cloud-based control center to give operators portfolio-wide visibility into the security of individual units. Visit to learn more about the advantages of self storage electronic locking solutions for both self storage operators and tenants.

Operators seeking ways to enhance security at their self storage facilities also had the chance to attend the panel session, Hidden Hazards Waiting to Sabotage Your Self Storage Facility, on Thursday from 3:15 – 4 pm at the show. The panel features industry veterans experienced in risk management, including Jenny Bortman (Universal Insurance Programs), Norm Shore (The William Warren Group), Pedro Florida (Trojan Storage) and Chad Lewis (Red Dot Storage), and Jon Loftin (OpenTech Alliance – moderator), who will share their top recommendations and key property investments to mitigate risk.

OpenTech Alliance introduces its new Chief Operating Officer, Dan Scaman

OpenTech Alliance Announces Dan Scaman as New Chief Operating Officer 

OpenTech is pleased to announce Dan Scaman as its new Chief Operating Officer. Scaman, who joined OpenTech in 2014, brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurial and corporate environments to OpenTech Alliance, enabling the Proptech leader in self storage to continuously improve in an ever-changing market. Dan will replace Mike Connolly as COO, who will remain on as President, Chairman of the Board and be responsible for OpenTech’s international business.

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