OpenTech celebrates 20 years of self storage technology innovation

The company commemorated two decades of growth, innovation and commitment to the self storage industry in July. 

OpenTech celebrates 20 years in self storage
OpenTech Founders blow out candles to celebrate 20 years in self storage technology
Pegasus Group and others celebrate 20 years with OpenTech Alliance

OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in self storage, is humbled to announce its 20th anniversary celebrating continuous growth, innovation and an unwavering commitment to the self storage industry. At the end of July, the company celebrated two decades of effort to transform the landscape of self storage technology and automation to make a positive impact on businesses and communities worldwide.

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 The five founders of OpenTech Alliance reviewing kiosk specs in 2003.

Since its inception in 2003, OpenTech has been dedicated to delivering quality, cutting-edge solutions that empower self storage businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving consumer world. The company began with a vision to revolutionize self-service technology to improve self storage transactions for operators and tenants. After launching with full-service kiosks, the company built a robust portfolio of products, ranging from access control to security monitoring and call center solutions to online auctions, to provide practical solutions to numerous tenant and operator challenges. Today, as it celebrates this momentous milestone, OpenTech extends its heartfelt appreciation to its valued customers, dedicated employees and partners, without whom this achievement would not have been possible.

Relationships Drive OpenTech's Growth From Humble Beginnings to International Expansion

Reflecting on the two-decade journey, Robert A. Chiti, Founder and CEO of OpenTech Alliance, shared his pride and privilege to witness the company’s growth and impact over the years: “Though we are far from perfect, OpenTech has consistently adapted to industry changes, pioneered new technologies and maintained a customer-centric approach. Our team’s tireless efforts and the trust bestowed upon us by our clients have been the pillars of our success, and for me, the truest mark of accomplishment. We are humbled by the loyalty and support we have received throughout our journey — and grateful for the many people who have believed in and helped build this dream over the past 20 years.”

As OpenTech looks back on the remarkable progress and growth, the company acknowledges the challenges faced and lessons learned over its 20-year history. Each hurdle served as a stepping stone to improve and evolve, making the company, its teams and its technology solutions stronger. The company’s commitment to continuous improvement and a learning culture will remain the driving force behind its future growth.

“Looking ahead, we are excited about the possibilities that the future holds,” stated Mike Connolly, Co-Founder, COO and President of International of OpenTech Alliance. “We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, exploring new technologies and expanding our global footprint to better serve our customers.”

Operators Invited to Visit Self Storage Technology Experience Center

Visit the OpenTech Experience Center to see the latest innovations in self storage technology.
The grand opening of the OpenTech Experience Center, the self storage industry’s first immersive technology experience.

To commemorate this milestone, OpenTech invites self storage operators to its corporate headquarters in Phoenix, AZ to explore their operational challenges and the company’s solutions in a custom-tailored visit to the immersive OpenTech Experience Center. This invitation presents an avenue to strengthen the partnerships that have been instrumental in the company’s success, and an opportunity to learn how OpenTech can elevate its services to meet the dynamic needs of its clients.

“Once again, we want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our journey,” stated Chiti. “The trust you have placed in OpenTech Alliance has been the fuel that drives us forward, and we are eager to create more remarkable solutions and memories together.”

For more information about visiting the OpenTech Experience Center, the company’s solutions or its future plans, please visit or contact them today.

“We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for our partners in the industry, loyal customers and hardworking team. Thank you for trusting your business to OpenTech Alliance for the past 20 years.”

-Robert A. Chiti, Founder & CEO

About OpenTech Alliance

OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading PropTech provider in the self storage industry. The company’s products and services include the INSOMNIAC® line of full-service kiosks, INSOMNIAC Live! call center solutions, INSOMNIAC CIA access control systems, and the online storage auctions website. OpenTech solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs and increase revenues for self storage facilities. OpenTech Alliance, the OpenTech logo and INSOMNIAC are trademarks of OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.