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Phoenix, AZ, OpenTech Alliance, the leading developer of innovative smart connected technology solutions for the self storage industry, now offers the first access control keypad with an integrated IP camera. An exclusive feature of INSOMNIAC CIA, access control built from the ground up for the self storage industry. With most self storage operators already actively using or with plans to implement IP camera systems over obsolete analog video technology, the CIA enhancement is available now.

The inclusion of a camera in a facility’s access control keypads enables operators to retain a visual record of events that transpire at a facility’s entry/exit points, on top of the digital record provided by the access control system. The camera captures all access activity in proximity to the keypad, which can be used to verify if the person accessing the property is the person associated with the credentials entered, or help identify the person if they are not.

Unlike traditional analog cameras available in most access control keypads, an IP camera eliminates the need to run coaxial cable to the keypad, as well as the purchase of an analog converter (as most DVR/NVR systems are digital). Additionally, IP cameras provide higher quality video than analog cameras.

The built-in IP camera is one of many hardware advances offered by INSOMNIAC CIA, the only 100% cloud-based access control system developed exclusively for the self storage industry. Each INSOMNIAC CIA Keypad features powder-coated aluminum construction to prevent rust and wear; captive screws that don’t drop or fall out when servicing the equipment; a 4 line, sunlight-readable OLED display; built-in Bluetooth Beacon technology for hands-free tenant access; and tamper switches to ensure you’re immediately notified when the keypad is open.

“Self storage operators have steadily made the switch to IP-based access control systems – like INSOMNIAC CIA – drawn by increased security, increased operational efficiency and better availability,” stated Jon Loftin, OpenTech VP, and IoE Product Owner. “The option for an IP camera in a keypad not only reduces installation costs, but also supports a unified security system. This unique feature further amplifies the increased security and efficiency already provided by CIA.”

INSOMNIAC CIA is part of the OpenTech IoE (Internet of Everything) – OpenTech’s intelligent platform of smart-connected self storage solutions. Operators gain access to real-time reporting in the OpenTech IoE Control Center, which provides visibility to what is going on at the property and allows operators to analyze trends and streamline operations using the available controls and reports.

The IP camera is an optional feature of INSOMNIAC CIA, available with either the INSOMNIAC CIA 500 or 501 Keypad.

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