OpenTech Alliance Integrates Upgraded INSOMNIAC Self Storage Kiosk Software with SiteLink  

OpenTech Alliance integrates upgraded self storage kiosk software with Sitelink

OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in self storage, is pleased to announce the integration of their upgraded INSOMNIAC self storage kiosk software with SiteLink one of the industry’s leading property management systems (PMS), provided by Storable, the software leader in self storage. This collaboration brings enhanced operational efficiency and seamless rental experiences to self storage operators using SiteLink’s software and the company’s latest kiosk software release. 

Advanced Driver’s License Scanner Unveiled in Upgraded Self Storage Kiosk Software

One of the key features of the upgraded INSOMNIAC self storage kiosk software, which comes on any new 20 or 30 Series model machine, is the advanced driver’s license scanner. This innovative feature streamlines the rental process and ensures enhanced security for customers — allowing tenants to verify their identity quickly and securely, reducing manual data entry and improving accuracy. By integrating with SiteLink’s PMS, this information is seamlessly synchronized, enabling self storage operators to save time and streamline their rental process. 

In addition, the upgraded software includes the option to implement wayfinding maps on the self-service kiosk, remote facility support for nearby properties and live video chat support. With these features, self storage operators can reduce the need for staff assistance and improve operational efficiency, while ensuring a smooth and successful customer journey. 

Enhanced Software Reduces Friction in Rental Process for Kiosk Users

In line with the growing trend towards automation and cost savings in the industry, the integration of SiteLink with OpenTech’s self storage kiosk software ensures a seamless and efficient rental process, reducing the need for staff intervention. Self storage operators can now focus their resources on delivering exceptional customer service and other critical tasks. 

“We are excited to announce the integration of our newest self storage kiosk software with SiteLink, a leading property management software provider in the industry,” said Jon Loftin, SVP of Product at OpenTech Alliance. “This partnership further demonstrates our commitment to helping self storage operators automate their operations and achieve cost savings through technology that also supports stellar customer experiences.” 

For more information about the upgraded INSOMNIAC self storage kiosk software and how it works with SiteLink, please contact OpenTech Alliance today


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