New Live! Remote Manager Service Enhances Phone-Based Support for Storage Operators

Remote Manager Available to Supplement Onsite Facility Management

Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in the self storage industry, announced a new addition to their suite of INSOMNIAC® Live! call center services to supplement onsite facility management for self storage operators. Live! Remote Manager is available now and offers scalable, on-demand staff to help operators save on facility costs without sacrificing customer service.

“Self storage was not insulated from the staff shortages or rising labor costs ignited by the pandemic,” stated Robert Chiti, Chairman and CEO of OpenTech Alliance. “These were problems OpenTech could help directly solve for our industry. We knew we had an opportunity to leverage our resources to offer our storage partners a way to mitigate these challenges and continue to offer the personal service many operators consider integral to their operating model and the self storage customer experience.”

Remote Managers will feel like seamless members of a facility’s frontline team to support new rentals and tenant inquiries, save valuable administrative time and expand coverage hours. Remote Managers work within an operation’s Property Management System and unique policies and procedures to take care of any task that does not require a physical exchange. Each customer interaction is recorded in real-time to reduce unwanted redundancies and handled by a veteran storage sales and service expert to improve rental conversion and service rates.

The new service has helped early adopter Argus Professional Storage Management (APSM) provide high-quality services to the ownership groups and customers they support, expanding their ability to pursue previously unattainable properties and meet the demands of existing partners for remote services. Marjii Middleton, Trainer for the Mountain Region where APSM first launched Live! Remote Manager, shared the advantages their operation has seen from eight months with the program:

“Remote Manager saves our staff so much time. They answer customer questions, process move-ins and outs, obtain credit cards for autopay, promote or suggest unit sizes and explain how to use the facility. Those tasks save our team so much time, and they are vital to operations. They’ve taken the lead at some facilities to help with collection calls for past-due accounts — they’ve collected an estimated $30,000 at one facility — and it frees our managers to focus on their other facilities or on other issues in their region. As we continue to grow as a management company, we have a bigger option package to present to our owners to manage their facilities, and can more easily onboard and manage new sites across a wide region without hiring additional employees.”

Remote Manager is ideal for unmanned and hybrid operations, expanding portfolios or any budget-conscious operation that wants to supplement onsite staff, reduce personnel costs or gain flexible labor to grow their team quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about Live! Remote Manager, contact OpenTech Alliance here.

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