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Remote Manager

Provide personal service without the price tag with remote facility management. Remote managers provide flexible, cost-effective labor options for expanding self storage portfolios.

Is Remote Facility Management Right for Your Self Storage Business?

Eliminate onsite personnel costs with a fully remote frontline team, get staff support to scale quickly and efficiently or supplement onsite staff for flexibility and savings with RemoteManager, an INSOMNIAC Live! call center service. A dedicated team of Remote Managers and Empowered Counselors will see to your operation’s every need. Operators that use remote manager benefit from:

Lower Personnel Costs
Reduced Turnover & Expenses
Increased Productivity for Onsite Managers
Contactless, Flexible Service

What Type of Storage Operation Can Benefit from RemoteManager?

Unmanned Operations

Eliminate onsite personnel costs with a fully remote frontline customer service and administrative team.

Expanding Portfolios

Grow your team quickly and efficiently with a scalable team that already knows you well.

Mid-Size, Budget-Conscious

Supplement onsite staff at a fraction of the cost and gain flexible labor options at your fingertips.

*Five facility minimum contract required for RemoteManager call center service.

Contact us today to make your operation more efficient with Remote Manager.

Remote Managers work within your property management system (PMS) to:

How to Get Started with Remote Manager

Seamlessly add seasoned storage experts to your frontline facility staff, or transition to a fully remote team. Already a Live! call center customer? You can get started in as little as three weeks!

Step 1

Signed Agreement

Customer signs agreement for INSOMNIAC Live! RemoteManager services.

Step 2


We'll walk through your self storage operations manual step-by-step.

Step 3

Training & Onboarding

Your dedicated support team attends your internal training program (or we build one).

Step 4

Custom Operating Guides

We create custom procedures & guides for your unique portfolio.

Step 5

Program Launch

You seamlessly add seasoned storage experts to your frontline team.