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June 14, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, the leading provider of kiosk technology for the self storage industry, announced the release of the INSOMNIACTM 120, the newest addition to the next generation line of self-service INSOMNIAC Kiosks, the 20 Series. With over 16 years of experience focused on refining interactive self-service kiosks for the self storage industry, OpenTech has designed their new 20 Series line of kiosks with a focus on the user experience, the latest in hardware components and cloud-based software for maximum engagement and unparalleled reliability – all available at a new, lower price. Screen-Transparent

The INSOMNIAC 120 offers a small size with stellar performance. Though compact in design, this outdoor, surface wall mount model mirrors many of the benefits of its larger counterparts. With built-in cameras, PCI-compliant credit card reader and ability to accept ACH on-screen, the INSOMNIAC 120 provides self storage owners and operators with the ability to rent units and accept payments 24/7, digital recordings of all transactions, and 2-way video and VoIP technology like Live! Megan to assist customers with an array of questions.

The lowest priced model of the 20 Series, the INSOMNIAC 120 retains the 21.5 inch, portrait-style screen and intuitive user experience available on larger models in the series. This makes it easy for customers to rent a unit or make a payment when your manager is busy or your office is closed, to reduce staffing costs and ensure you never miss a rental.

“Much like its predecessor, the INSOMNIAC 120 is a big performer with a little price,“ stated Robert A. Chiti, CEO of OpenTech Alliance. “This smaller model offers operators versatility to meet the different needs of their unique facilities, without sacrificing much in the way of functionality or user experience. INSOMNIAC Kiosks took $65 Million in payments in the last 2.5 years alone – today’s consumers demand self-service alternatives, and the self storage industry is no exception.”

OpenTech Alliance announced the launch of the next generation of self-service INSOMNIAC Kiosks in April of this year. Designed with the user in mind, the new generation of INSOMNIAC Kiosk models mimic the feel and simplicity of your smartphone or tablet. At the heart of every model is a specialized kiosk appliance that provides enhanced data security and reliability. With automated virus scanning and security patches, factory settings that eliminate malware, and cloud-based servers that protect user information, customers will feel safe using your kiosk. The new intuitive design is supported by real-time customer support and troubleshooting through remote access and monitoring, which alerts both the property manager and OpenTech. Read the full release here.

The 20 Series of INSOMNIAC Kiosks are on sale now. To learn more about the full line of INSOMNIAC Kiosks and which model is right for you, contact OpenTech Alliance at

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