OpenTech Alliance Integrates with storEDGE Software by Storable to Enhance Self Storage Kiosk Software

OpenTech Alliance integrates its upgraded automated self storage kiosk software with storEDGE.

OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in self storage, has announced an exciting new integration with storEDGE software by Storable, a leading technology partner in the industry. The newly improved automated self storage kiosk software works with storEDGE facility management software (FMS) to introduce a suite of enhancements, including seamless lease management with esign, an advanced driver’s license scanner that streamlines the rental process and improves data entry accuracy, and the addition of wayfinding maps to ensure a successful customer journey. This synergy equips self storage operators utilizing storEDGE software with the tools to refine their operations and provide a superior level of customer service.


Automated Self Storage Kiosks Provide Ultimate Self-Service Experience

The collaboration with storEDGE’s FMS further enhances the customer experience, increases automation capabilities and introduces cost savings that make this partnership an invaluable advantage for self storage operators. storEDGE customers can effortlessly manage their storage units, make payments and access their accounts via INSOMNIAC® self-service kiosks independently, without the need for onsite staff assistance. These streamlined processes reduce wait times and expedite customer transactions, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, property managers benefit from insights into transaction data, automated inventory updates and streamlined administrative tasks, enabling them to optimize facility operations and allocate resources more efficiently.

“Partnering with storEDGE to bring this enhanced set of features to our INSOMNIAC self storage kiosks has been an important step on our self-service roadmap,” said Jon Loftin, SVP of Product at OpenTech Alliance. “We believe this collaboration underlines our commitment to offering innovative solutions that help our customers streamline operations, boost automation and realize cost savings — while providing superior service to their tenants.”


New Wayfinding Maps Enable Simple Move-Ins for Self Storage Tenants

A newly launched feature enhancement of the INSOMNIAC self storage kiosk software upgrade is the addition of wayfinding maps. These interactive maps allow customers to locate their storage units effortlessly, navigate to various amenities, and access key areas within the facility. This customer-centric feature not only facilitates the buyer journey but also contributes to a more satisfactory experience. A noteworthy aspect is that this premium feature is included at no extra cost. The implementation of this remote support function reduces the need for routine on-site staff, leading to substantial savings in operational costs.

For further details about the upgraded INSOMNIAC self storage kiosk software integrated with storEDGE, please contact OpenTech Alliance today.



About OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading PropTech provider in the self storage industry. The company’s products and services include the INSOMNIAC line of full-service kiosks, INSOMNIAC Live! call center solutions, INSOMNIAC CIA access control systems, and the online storage auctions website. OpenTech solutions are designed to improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs and increase revenues for self storage facilities. OpenTech Alliance, the OpenTech logo and INSOMNIAC are trademarks of OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.



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