5 Star Boat and RV Storage Booked Over 75% of Lease Up Rentals with INSOMNIAC® Kiosk to Surpass 50% Occupancy in 5 Months

5 Star Boat and RV Storage Booked Over 75% of Lease Up Rentals with INSOMNIAC® Kiosk to Surpass 50% Occupancy in 5 Months


March 1, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, Inc., the leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the self storage industry, helped 5 Star Boat and RV Storage in Georgetown, TX surpass 50% occupancy within 5 months of opening, with over 75% of those rentals secured through their INSOMNIAC self-serve kiosk. 5 Star’s owners work full-time and run their first successful boat and RV storage facility by automating operations with a kiosk.

Based near Austin, Texas, where opportunities for outdoor recreation are everywhere, Amy and Kevin Payne uncovered a gap in the market when they couldn’t find storage for their personal RV and boat. With a collective 45 years in the construction and real estate development business, Kevin encouraged his wife to create a solution and said, “Amy, why don’t you build one!” Amy spent the next year and a half learning the industry, joining the TSSA and talking with other storage owners in the area. “I was overwhelmed with the people I’ve met in this industry,” stated Amy. “I wouldn’t call them competitors, they are our friends and we wouldn’t be successful without their help.”

Before committing to this new venture, Amy and Kevin looked for a way to balance their full-time jobs and the daily Blog-ReDesign-Images_5Starmanagement of a new facility, without sacrificing the beloved hobbies that initially sparked the project. Chuck Richey, owner of Presidential RV and Boat Storage, recommended the INSOMNIAC kiosk as the ideal solution. “Presidential RV and Boat Storage is located 3 miles from Amy and Kevin’s facility and some would consider us competition, but we are friends,” stated Chuck. “OpenTech’s INSOMNIAC Kiosk has made our business success come to fruition and we want everyone to share in the success we have had.”

“We are so fortunate to have Chuck’s knowledge of the industry and knew the only way we could operate this business and keep our careers was to implement a kiosk,” added Amy. The kiosk not only automates rentals, but provides tenants with live support from professional Storage Counselors, records 2-way video of all transactions, and captures a new tenant’s driver’s license – features which are essential at Amy and Kevin’s unmanned facility. “Our customers love the convenience and we had over 75% of our rentals occur at the kiosk since we have opened our doors in September 2018. We have built a 5-star facility and OpenTech has helped us deliver an excellent customer experience.”

“Our technology solutions exist to create opportunities that positively impact the lives of property owners and storage customers,” stated Robert Chiti, CEO of OpenTech Alliance. “The INSOMNIAC kiosk was the first product designed to support this vision and continues to provide the best option for owners to automate onsite operations, with reduced risk and increased functionality over alternatives that operate exclusively online. We’re privileged to be part of 5 Star Boat and RV Storage’s success.”

To learn more about the INSOMNIAC line of self-serve kiosks, contact OpenTech Alliance at sales@opentechalliance.com.


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