Self Storage Software Products and Services

OpenTech continues to be the leading provider of self storage software programs, innovative products and 24/7 services that help self storage owners work SMARTER, connect with tenants, simplify operations and grow their business. Discover the best self storage software that makes seamless facility operations a reality by exploring our solutions below.

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Access Control | CIA

By using INSOMNIAC™ CIA (Centralized Intelligent Access) (CIA), facility owners can manage thousands of locations through seamless, cloud-based software, streamlining their business operations with online and mobile app integrations.

Streamline your self storage facility operations with our software now | OpenTech

Customer Acquisition Services

Garner awareness and increase your renter volume with self storage digital marketing and renter acquisition through paid and organic strategy. Click below to see how self storage marketing can improve your ROI today.

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ARS | StorageTreasures: Online Auctions

Looking for an easy way to recoup costs, clear delinquent units and increase your unit availability? With our online auction services, bidders can attend self storage auctions while you increase your revenue.

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Live! Call Center Solutions

Can't take a call? Don't miss out on new business simply because you're away from the office. INSOMNIAC™ Live! self storage call center is here to pick up the phone when you're away. Improve your customer service and increase your revenue with our call center solutions.

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XpressPay | XpressCollect: Automated Self Storage Collections

With INSOMNIAC™ XpressCollect & XpressPay online self storage software, renters can now pay online, view their self storage bills and schedule autopay. See how our self storage billing and payment program integrates with your system now.

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OpenTech IoE Facility Management Platform

Improve your self storage operations with site management, software and device integration and actionable reporting data found all in one place. Click below to see how you can view your data and better manage your storage operations now.

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Self Storage Kiosks

The software and programs within our self storage kiosks allows facility owners to scale, improve rental opportunities and increase their revenue without 24/7 staffing. Renters can view and lease available units, make payments and more with contactless, kiosk solutions.

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Security Monitoring SmartEye

Our security software for self storage facilities can detect, intercept and alert managers of break-ins and suspicious activity, providing you with the tenant and asset protection your facilities need.