INSOMNIAC XpressCollect

Collect Past-Due Rent Automatically

Already a hit with hundreds of storage managers nationwide, XpressCollect is an automatic payment reminder and collection system for self-storage companies. It’s easy to setup and extremely effective, with conversion rates up to 10 times higher than direct mail or do-it-yourself collection calls.

Just set it… then forget it.
Once installed, the service automatically scans your property management system daily looking for past due tenants. Delinquent accounts are added to the XpressCollect queue, triggering an automatic payment reminder via text and or email – complete with a link to make payment. XpressCollect does all the work… no further maintenance or programming is required on your part.

Once the link is clicked, the tenant is prompted to either process the payment online or to call your facility to make the payment. If your text goes unanswered, the service will automatically send out additional notifications (over a predetermined period) in an effort to successfully collect the past due amount. In the later stages of collection, an optional manual call feature gives managers the ability to initiate more urgent calls as needed.

Stop chasing past due tenants… and start answering inbound collection calls today.
XpressCollect will do it all for you!

XpressCollect Benefits:

It’s more customer-friendly because it allows the tenant to respond at his or her convenience without being put on the spot during the collections process

It’s the future in collections. Text Messaging (SMS) leverages the latest advances in technology to send convenient payment and past due lease reminders to tenants. And the system is designed to meet all federal regulations for the use of mobile messaging

Money is collected sooner because it constantly monitors your property management system and notifies delinquent tenants in real time

It improves collections while saving you time. XpressCollect takes collection activities off of your to-do list, and frees managers to do better things

Nobody likes making collection calls. Now you don’t have to.
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