Never miss another call.

INSOMNIAC™ Live Self Storage Call Center

Welcome to a world where all calls are handled promptly and professionally by trained Storage Counselors—not ordinary call center employees. OpenTech’s self storage call center technology ensures that our staff knows everything about your facility: your location, your tenants, available units, pricing, policies and more. Day, night or weekend, they represent your brand in a professional way.

And best of all? Storage managers using our call center are converting 34% of the leads, appointments and reservations that we send to them on average.

In our industry, you have to seize the call. (Or you’ll lose the customer—it’s that simple.)

A recent self-storage case study claims that 40% of calls into most storage facilities are not answered (yikes). When you spend a considerable amount of money and energy trying to get phones to ring, the last thing you can afford is for calls to slip through the cracks. After all, every prospective customer is vital to your business. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our call center services ensure that every time a customer calls your facility, the call is answered promptly by a trained Storage Counselor. Our team is bilingual as well, so you don’t miss out on sales from Spanish speaking customers.

We measure everything—and then look for ways to keep improving your program.

At OpenTech, we measure call center quality with objective metrics that encompass manager satisfaction ratings, percentage of calls answered within Service Level, reservation percentage, rental conversions, database accuracy, wait times (to the second) and more. If any metric is down, we work on improving it immediately.

The icing on the cake? Our self-storage call center services average less than $1 per hour.

Through better technology and processes, OpenTech is able to serve its call center client base more efficiently, bringing our average cost per hour down to less than a dollar.

Calls are...

Answered by industry specialists. Training, industry experience and attitude make all the difference

Answered quickly, we lead the industry with Average Speed to Answer of 11 seconds and a low Abandoned Rate of 1.3%.

Answered consistently, so your brand is properly promoted

Answered by a bilingual staff, so you don’t miss out on sales or terrific service from Spanish speaking customers

Recorded, so you can listen to each call immediately and rate it for quality

Guaranteed. OpenTech offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee

With so much customer service and sales expertise in the storage industry — at under a buck an hour — you may want to ring up our call center yourself 800.481.7459 and learn more about this business – building service.