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Kiosks have been an integral part of successful self storage operations for the last 16 years. From manned to unmanned, rural to urban and every facility in between, many have enjoyed success with self-service. No self-service option offers a one-stop, full-service alternative like a kiosk –  allowing self storage operators to increase revenue and enhance the customer experience while reducing costs and risk. 

With kiosks being used in every market – on the streets as guides, in airports, hotels, retail stores, banks, restaurant chains and many other places – self-service alternatives are no longer a “nice to have” option for most businesses. For a lot of consumers, they’re the preferred option for engaging with a company, even at a self storage facility!

According the “The Real Self-Service Economy” by Steven Van Belleghem, 40 percent of consumers prefer self-service to human contact, and 70 percent expect a company to offer a self-service option. This trend is particularly relevant to younger generations that already account for nearly one-third of self storage consumers. As greater numbers of Millennial and Generation Z customers seek self storage, they’ll continue to drive this requirement. 

“Born with devices in their hands, Millennials and Generation Zs view the world as a highly connected ecosystem,” writes customers service expert Shep Hyken in the article, “The Future of Service and How to Amaze Millennials and Generation Z.” These consumers are changing the future of service.

This article originally appeared in the Inside Self-Storage 2019 Technology Digital Issue.

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