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April 26, 2019 – Phoenix, AZ, StorageTreasures, LLC, the leading online storage auction platform, has provided a secure means for beachfront A1 Surfside Self Storage, located in California’s Port Hueneme, to recoup funds tied to delinquent units.

A locally owned company since 1991, A1 Surfside serves Southern Ventura, and Western Los Angeles Counties, with tenants coming from nearby Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Malibu and Pepperdine. Just minutes from two naval bases and a branch of Cal State University, A1 Surfside has strong ties to the community and local military. Managed by a retired member of a U.S. military Special Forces Team, these ties, and the commitment to hard work and integrity they bring, run deep.


Toby and Shirley Denny came on board to manage A1 Surfside Self Storage nearly 5 years ago. At the time, the property had $34,000 outstanding in bad accounts – an amount they were able to resolve within a year and a half, in large part, with “You folks have helped me tremendously in helping the owner resolve that issue,” stated Toby Denny. “He’s so ecstatic I’m using StorageTreasures.”

Owner Jeffrey Kosowitz is a retired city prosecutor who played a large role in writing California’s self storage legislation. Initially reluctant to lien delinquent units because he disliked the process, at Denny’s urging he opted to give StorageTreasures a chance. “He was just amazed at how smooth the process was,” stated Denny. “And if you can convince that old attorney that’s a good thing – that’s a good thing!”

Denny has been a loyal user of StorageTreasures since the site appeared on A&E’s Storage Wars. Since that time, one benefit has remained a driving force behind Denny’s continued use. “With my background, this is what you folks offer that a live auction cannot (and I want to stress this), cannot provide, either for the employees on the site or the bidders that are coming in, and that’s security. By utilizing [StorageTreasures], the only people that know how much and when there’s going to be any kind of exchange, and a time, are the bidder, and the property manager, and that’s it. If you’ve got 3,000 online bids on a unit, nobody knows who won it, what they look like, what car they’re driving, how much money they have in their pocket, zero. And that is outstanding.”

Denny noted that his bidders have also made the decision to remain with StorageTreasures simple. “‘I only deal with StorageTreasures because they are honest people.’ We get that feedback from repeat bidders – the only reason they bid on units here: they know the stuff is legit, they love the people who run the office, and they like that we use you guys.”

“Toby is a guy driven by the idea that he exists to make life easier for his property owner, Jeff,” stated Chelsea Horne, Product Owner. “At StorageTreasures, we’re motivated by this same philosophy. We love hearing that our online auction service has not only helped A1 Surfside find success, but has made their lives easier in the process.”

To learn more about StorageTreasures, contact OpenTech Alliance at

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