OpenTech Reports Over 14 Million App-Based Touchless Access Events in 2021

Self Storage Tenants Opt for Mobile Facility Access

Data Shows New Standards for Self Storage Customer Experience

Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in self storage, announced self storage tenants used touchless mobile technology to open facility gates and doors over 14 million times in 2021. Tenants can use the Storage Genie tenant app, built-into the company’s INSOMNIAC CIA access control solution, to enter or exit a property or building securely with their access credentials. To reduce customer friction, customers don’t have to touch their phone or open the app to do so — instead, a Bluetooth beacon detects their proximity and unlocks or opens it automaticaINSOMNIAC CIA Text Me My Codelly.

Tenants also used the Text Me My Code feature on average 10,000 times per month in 2021 to request their access code be immediately texted directly to their mobile phone number on their account. Tenants that have forgotten their access code don’t have to back up their vehicle, go into the office or call the facility to retrieve their access code.

Tenant Demand Drives Touchless Access Adoption

“The data tells the story — OpenTech’s INSOMNIAC CIA system has proven advantages for both self storage operators and their customers,” stated Jon Loftin, SVP of Product at OpenTech Alliance. “Spikes in adoption speak to consumers’ increased comfort, desire and soon-to-be demand for mobile alternatives or other conveniences designed to streamline the customer experience. Self storage isn’t an exception.”

INSOMNIAC CIA systems are in use at over 5,000 facilities today: up from 2,400 systems in use in 2019.

Mobile Technology Offers Benefits to Storage Operators and Tenants

Cloud-Based Control Center to Manage Self Storage AccessTouchless entry is just one advancement to access control technology in recent years that is reshaping the tenant and operator experience. Cloud-based systems like CIA have introduced features such as mobile dashboards and alerts for on-the-go reporting and anytime control, advanced software security and hardware improvements, and access to actionable tenant activity data. CIA in particular enables operators to connect third-party devices and services to a Control Center to boost operations and build a mobile command center.

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*Adoption of INSOMNIAC CIA increased YOY from 2019 to 2022. Related Storage Genie access events do not increase YOY at a rate that is proportional to the increase in CIA systems in the field to be reasonably attributed to a natural increase in use expected with adoption growth.

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