Automated Collections

INSOMNIAC™ XpressCollect & XpressPay

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Key Features:

  • Automated system accepts payments 24/7 
  • One-time, easy set up process
  • Services bilingual tenants
  • Notifies and takes payments for multiple units 
  • Integrates directly through your PMS 
  • Recognizes callers 
  • Sends payment receipts via text and/or email 

Key Benefits:

  • Customer convenience  
  • Improves cash flow 
  • Added fraud protection 
  • Saves you time
  • Proven to reduce your collection efforts 
  • Simplified payment linkno login required 
  • Extensive reporting available, providing new insights to operators

What our customers are saying

Our managers loves XpressCollect and XpressPay because it allows them to focus on our customers instead of collection and payment calls. Our tenants say they appreciate the friendly reminders and how easy it is to make their payment. As an operator, I love the reporting and how the products have significantly reduced our delinquent receivables. Overall, XpressCollect and XpressPay are a win-win combination.

—Jeff Bateman, Regional Manager, Storage Choice

INSOMNIAC™ XpressCollect

Automatic payment reminder and collections service that is easy to setup and extremely effective. Once installed, the service automatically scans your property management system for past due tenants based on your customized settings. Delinquent accounts are flagged and automatically sent a payment reminder via text and/or email with real-time information – complete with a phone number or payment link.
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Automatic interactive touch response system allows tenants to pay their self storage rent anytime, anywhere from their phone. XpressPay offers added fraud protection as all payments are processed thru the facilities property management software and handles balance inquiry, paid thru date and payment calls.  

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