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Protect your facility from wrongful lien sales with the OpenTech self storage Auction Review Service (ARS) — a StorageTreasures online storage auctions add-on that reviews your lien files for potential errors. 

What is OpenTech's Auction
Review Service?

More than just a checklist, ARS provides a professional review of your lien files to help you reduce liability and save valuable time and resources. You’ll also receive access to ancillary services (VIN and military), monetary support in the event of an error and ongoing lien enforcement training.

How it Works

Protect your storage facility from wrongful lien sales with OpenTech's Auction Review Service.

ARS is a StorageTreasures add-on that reviews your lien files for potential liability. Check out this step-by-step walkthrough to learn how the service works, how it can help you reduce risk and save resources, and how you can get started today in a few easy steps.

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Storage Customers Have Reduced Lien Sale Liability

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a look at how the Auction Review Service has helped one of our self storage partners reduce lien sale liability and save valuable staff time.

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Metro Self Storage

Online Auctions | Auction Review Services

Our highest risk item in storage operations.

Veteran operator Metro Self Storage shares their winning formula to avoid costly lien file errors.
“The auction process is our highest risk item in storage operations. There isn’t any return if you’re faced with a lawsuit. The value of the Auction Review Service is so great, I can’t even really quantify it.” – Mark Harris, VP of Operations

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OpenTech Auction Review Service

  • Confirms rental agreement is signed, for the correct unit and matches information the tenant provided.
  • Confirms letters include all required elements, spelling is accurate, the letter was delivered to the post office on the correct date and method of mailing is correct.
  • Confirms demand for payment date is correct based on postage stamp and legal ad affidavit.
  • Confirms legal affidavit supports timeline and all required elements for the ad are present and correct.
  • Confirms all legal ad requirements are met if using as your legal ad.
  • Confirms legal ad details match the Notice of Lien details.
  • Reviews your listing for accurate sale date, confirms seal tag matches inventory and all items are appropriate for sale.
  • Views unit to see if additional steps are needed (i.e. a vehicle in unit).
  • Monetary support in the event of an error.
  • Active military searches, bankruptcy searches, VIN searches and sale assistance and UCC searches.
  • Ongoing training and education of lien statutes to help you refine your internal lien enforcement procedures.

Auction Timelines

  • Tells you what day your letters should go out based on statute requirements.
  • Tells you what the demand for payment date should be based on statute requirements.
  • Tells you what date your legal ad should run per statute requirements.
  • Tells you what day your sale should occur based on statute requirements.

Powered by OpenTech Alliance

StorageTreasures joined the OpenTech Alliance family of products in 2016. Through this powerful partnership, you gain access to additional product enhancements and add-on services to streamline your storage lien sales, backed by an industry-leading software, service and technology provider.
*OpenTech is the majority owner and managing partner of StorageTreasures, LLC. 

ARS Example Items for Review:

Auction Schedule

Tenant Information

Legal Ads

Motor Vehicles


What is it?

A add-on service to have your lien files reviewed for accuracy and legality by trained professionals. Our experienced team lead by licensed auctioneers will act as a safeguard to ensure your files are in accordance with your state’s lien laws.

How does it work?

Its simple! Upload the corresponding lien file when posting your auction(s) online. Then an ARS team member will review it and approve or reject the file prior to the date of sale.

Take the Liability Out of Your Lien Sales!

Tenant Trends

Download this free white paper and learn:
  1. Onsite behaviors, popular access times, traffic patterns and delinquent spikes
  2. Rental timing both on and offsite
  3. Payment preferences and more