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How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Self Storage Security

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Self Storage Security


Bill Hoffman
OpenTech Alliance
Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing

Jon Loftin
OpenTech Alliance
VP & Product Owner


This informative session will highlight how state of the art technology is now available that utilizes advanced AI and machine learning that prevents and deters crime, rather than just records it. This affordable and intelligent technology also can enhance your self storage customers’ onsite experience as it serves as an engaging platform that recognizes who is on property and can customize messages to tenants. Topics covered will include: How AI and machine learning can enhance and prevent crime at your self storage facility; learn ways to use this intelligent technology as a customer engagement strategy; and examples of how self storage operators are using this technology in the industry now.

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OpenTech IoE Platform and the Smart Connected Self Storage Facility

OpenTech IoE Platform and the Smart
Connected Self Storage Facility


Jon Loftin
Opentech Alliance
Vice President & Product

Chuck Vion
Marketing Director


Some tech trends fizzle out and die, while others transform our world and how we live it. The Internet of Everything (IoE) platforms are re-inventing the self-storage industry to offer smart connected solutions. Learn how an IoE connected platform can provide actionable insights from all this data. This presentation will highlight some of these new developments and technology advancements as they relate to the self-storage business.

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OpenTech IoE and the Smart Connected Self Storage Facility

OpenTech IoE and the Smart Connected Self Storage Facility


Jon Loftin
OpenTech Alliance
VP & Product Owner


Do you utilize smart devices in your home to run more efficiently? Ever wonder how we can make these smart devices work in our storage facilities? Join Jon Loftin, Vice President at OpenTech Alliance as he introduces the Open IoE of smart connected self-storage solutions as well as our first solution, INSOMNIAC Centralized Intelligent Access (CIA).

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An Inside Look at a Self Storage Call Center

The Self Storage Roundtable: An Inside Look at a Self Storage Call CenterTop of Form

Presenters: Robert Chiti – President and CEO at OpenTech Alliance
Carol Krendl – CEO at SkilCheck Services
Blair Valk – VP of Operations at Assured Self-Storage

Description: Join a discussion with a seasoned self storage owner who recently implemented a call center and learn how it impacted her occupancy. Get a look into how the OpenTech call center works and see how it can…Read more

Topics include:

– After-hours customer service
– Call and Marketing Source
tracking – Renting units over the phone
– Do It Yourself Call Center

The most successful self storage operators in the industry are using a centralized call center (internal and external) to increase their occupancy and compete more effectively. Join us to discuss how you can do it too. click here to view

All calls strategy.

Webinar topics: Determining your manager’s skill set and responsibilities; optimizing manager efficiency; the great management conundrum; enabling remote agents to be successful; improving customer satisfaction; staffing
analysis/cost justification

Operating a facility with one person.

Webinar topics: Business drivers for evolving to a more efficient staffing model; the cost saving benefits of efficient staffing; challenges that must be addressed; call center reservations completed at kiosks; technology and third-party services that increase staffing efficiency

Analyzing your phone data
for profit.

Webinar topics: What phone data you should be collecting; which reports you should review on a monthly basis; what to look for on your reports; using data to improve conversion ratios and staffing; identifying training opportunities

The kiosk advantage: self-storage operators unravel fact from fiction.

Webinar topics: Myth 1– Kiosks do not provide personal service; Myth 2–All empty storage units must be left unlocked; Myth 3–Consumers can make payments at the kiosk while in lien status; Myth 4–Using a kiosk means providing 24-hour access

Renting units online: is it for you?

Webinar topics: Fraud prevention; real-time interface with property management system; unit inventory and pricing management; different rental processes to consider

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