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XC BlogThe introduction of task based technologies is actually being championed by store managers as a routine treatment to eliminate lots of storage tasks.

If you are looking for ways to reduce the effort you invest in collection calls & manual payment transactions; these tools will offload a large amount of your efforts.

The application of these devices is now being recognized as a cure-all for managing accounts payable while steering a busy storage business.

Automatic Collections

Already a hit with hundreds of storage managers nationwide, XpressCollect is an automatic payment reminder, and collection system.  Managers love the service because it frees up their time to handle more important tasks. Customers like it because they can pay at their convenience

Automatic Payments

Fast and secure, XpressPay gives your tenants the opportunity pay through your phone number 24/7.

  • Is it going to save you time?
  • Is it more customer-friendly?
  • Is it the Future of Transaction Management?

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