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Self Storage Software and Hardware FAQs

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about OpenTech Alliance and the broad suite of products and services we offer. Self storage owners and operators can find answers about our technology solutions below. If you can’t find what you need, please contact our customer success team anytime for more information.

OpenTech Alliance Self Storage Software and Hardware FAQs

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about OpenTech Alliance and the broad suite of products and services we offer. Self storage owners and operators can find answers about our technology solutions below. If you can’t find what you need, please contact our customer success team anytime for more information.


OpenTech Alliance provides self storage technology, automation and call center solutions to storage facility owners across the country. As industry leaders, we take pride in finding the innovative solutions our self storage partners need to promote productivity, renter satisfaction and facility profitability. The products and services offered through OpenTech Alliance are designed to simplify the renting experience, provide crucial tenant and facility management insights and streamline operations for self storage facilities.

OpenTech can improve team productivity, rental procedures and facility management solutions through our software and services, including:

  • Seamless, multi-location management through cloud-based INSOMNIAC® CIA access control
  •  Streamlined sales and customer service using our Live! Call Center Solutions
  •  24/7 storage unit rentals with our self storage kiosks
  • Automated payments, self storage marketing, security solutions, unit auctions and more!

No matter what stage your self storage business or facilities are in, you can simplify your operations and fill unit vacancies with OpenTech Alliance technology.

We have an array of resources and support solutions available if you need help with your account. We would encourage you to visit our product pages for product-related inquiries, check out our product-related FAQs below, or contact our storage experts if you still require assistance.

Products & Service FAQs

Access Control | CIA

INSOMNIAC® CIA is a self storage access control system that allows facility owners to improve the management of their storage facilities and self storage units using cloud-based software. Facility owners can bypass inconvenient software updates, downed systems and address any issues they may have with their current software using our seamless, cloud-based access control solution and see the benefits of tenant-related activity using INSOMNIAC® CIA self storage keypad integrations. Outfit your system with the solutions needed for secure access control and continuous operations with INSOMNIAC® CIA.

Our access control system addresses issues with older PC-based systems to improve your current access control protocols and integrates with existing hardware (or upgraded gate access control keypads) to streamline facility upgrades. INSOMNIAC® CIA also provides facility owners with key insights into user behaviors with real-time data visualization, access control keypads and reporting thanks to integration with the OpenTech IoE Control Center.

When it comes to INSOMNIAC® CIA installation, you can get all the support you need on our Dealers page, where you’ll find plenty of resources, including INSOMNIAC® CIA installation manuals, installation tips, or you can contact our support team directly here.

OpenTech’s system can assist you with everything from theft prevention and tenant activity/behavior to water/moisture detection and HVAC control. CIA grants you access to the OpenTech IoE, a smart platform to help you integrate any software, service or device for greater operational insights and control. Connect your access control, security, unit alarms, thermostats, call center and more for a seamless customer experience and critical business insights. Check out existing solutions uniquely designed for the self storage industry, and learn which of your third-party technology is currently compatible with our ecosystem of smart storage solutions.

Live! Call Center Solutions

INSOMNIAC® Live! Call Center Solutions are here to provide the support your facilities need. Our call center solutions can backup your team on facility inquiries, provide assistance on unit reservations and ensure that no call goes unanswered. Our highly
trained team can help answer tenant inquiries regarding your facility hours, complete rental sales, provide information regarding unit capacity, outline facility information, handle payments and more.

With 24/7 service available, highly trained agents and multiple support options (voicemail, chat, text and email), your facility will be equipped with the frontline support you need.

Our system seamlessly integrates with many major property management software vendors to ensure our teams (and yours) always work with real-time information. We offer a variety of scalable call center solutions and customize your call-answering services to your unique operation or property-by-property needs. From full-service to supplemental support, our team can help you better equip your facilities with the support needed, provide valuable insights into renter acquisition and inquiries, and help you fill your units!

Yes! Our Storage Counselors are available to handle calls 24/7, to give you peace of mind to know that every call to your facility will be answered. Just need extra or after-hours support? We have a range of customizable call plans to supplement your team when volume is high or your self storage office is closed, as well as technology solutions to assist your internal call operations. Check out our available services today, or connect with a self storage guru now to discuss which plan may be right for your facility.

Our professional Storage Counselors are highly trained and have the self storage industry expertise required to assist current and potential customers. During the initial onboarding, our Storage Counselors will take the time to get to know your facilities in-depth and host regular call calibrations to review facility changes and audit current processes to ensure streamlined and accurate brand representation.

With extensive conversion training and real-time access to your property details, our team is here to not only address inquiries and feedback but also improve your rental conversions through effective sales and rental acquisition. All calls are answered quickly and consistently by bilingual industry specialists and are recorded for quality assurance.

Yes! Our Live! RemoteManager, Cloud Communications and INSOMNIAC® Live! Call Center Solutions can outfit your facilities with the sales and customer service solutions you need — no on-site facility manager required! Learn more about our services here.

Self Storage Kiosks

A self storage, self-service kiosk is an electronic unit that allows tenants to rent and manage their storage units independently. Self storage kiosks can be accessed after office hours and offer renters the flexibility and independence to manage their storage units at their convenience. OpenTech self-service kiosks are compatible with your existing property management software, allowing you to increase your sales, fill your units and streamline your storage facility operations.

All of our self-service kiosks are capable of integrating directly with your existing property management software to create a smooth transition for facility managers to offer an easy, contactless rental experience. Our touchscreen self storage kiosks include a number of features to support a frictionless renter experience, including a virtual manager, easy unit availability viewing and renting, customer support and unit payment options. Renters can make payments, find support, rent units, update their accounts and even receive Live Help via video chat at any time.

Review our storage kiosk best practices today for easy tips to create a customer experience that integrates the kiosk as a seamless part of your operation.

You can purchase a self-service kiosk today for as little as $6100. Our self storage kiosks range from full-service storage automation to compact models to align with the unique needs of your operation. Compare available features by model and price, and calculate your potential return with our ROI calculator to see how each storage kiosk can benefit your business.

Yes! Customers can see which units are available and rent right from your on-site self-service kiosk when your facility is closed, a manager is unavailable or anytime they prefer contactless self-service.
Yep! Our self storage payment kiosks accept cash, card or ACH to allow renters to make monthly payments on-site at any time

Our storage kiosk models are designed to meet your facility’s needs. We offer standing and wall-mounted self-service kiosks in a variety of sizes. Check out our individual models here.

Customer Acquisition Services

OpenTech’s Customer Acquisition Services offer full-service self storage digital marketing solutions designed to help facility owners acquire customers and optimize lifetime tenant value (LTV). Increase your visibility, fill units and improve your online presence with the help of our self storage PPC and SEO marketing experts.

Self storage facility owners and managers can choose from many services, including:

  • Self storage-focused SEO (search engine optimization) to improve your Google
    search rankings
  • PPC (paid advertising) and paid social media advertising to fill units and promote
    special offers
  • Organic social media services to connect with renters
  • Content marketing to update your online content
  • Graphic design to update your visual advertising or branding
  • Email marketing to maintain connections with renters
  • Websites to enable you to rent online to customers 24/7

Facility owners can enjoy a myriad of benefits from self storage marketing regardless of the services they choose or their goals. Many facility owners need extra help to fill your available spaces and can benefit from paid advertising to drive potential renters to find your facilities near them and rent online or through your available contact information. Other self storage facilities may want to connect with their community and will reap the rewards of an active, online presence. So, if you need help finding renters, filling your units or updating your website or branding, then contact us today for your free marketing analysis!

Everyone can benefit from self storage marketing, even if your self storage facility is at full capacity. It’s a common misconception that only struggling self storage businesses need digital marketing. Even successful facilities can improve their online presence with the help of self storage marketing professionals. Whether you need a full-service team or just a little extra help, you’ll have a strategic partner to help support your customer acquisition and marketing goals.

If you need to fill your units, improve your organic online presence or local reputation for rainy days, then our Customer Acquisition Services are right for you.

Many digital marketing agencies will take on a number of different clients in various industries. While many of the principles of marketing still apply to these brands and industries, some may incorporate a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our Customer Acquisition Services team is exclusively comprised of self storage digital marketers. Each self storage marketing service incorporates years of storage experience into every strategy. This equips facility owners with the best results possible from customized plans designed to effectively fill units at higher values, showcase facilities and increase positive online visibility.

XpressPay | XpressCollect Automated Self Storage Collections

XpressPay is our mobile payment solution that allows your renters to make their monthly self storage online payments in real-time. XpressCollect provides automatic payment reminders and automatic monthly payment storage collection services to give renters the option of auto-pay for their unit rentals.
While our self-service kiosks are able to handle payments on-site, we would recommend giving your renters and potential customers as many ways to improve their self storage experience through additional and convenient payment options as possible. You’ll save renters time and reduce the potential for delinquency through flexible payment options when you add the convenience of our XpressPay and XpressCollect services.
Yes! One of the many benefits self storage facility owners can enjoy is the added fraud protection and insights our automated self storage collection services provide. All outbound collection calls and notifications are tracked and recorded, and facility owners can immediately see when an account falls delinquent. Your tenants will receive automatic notifications when they miss a payment with an easy-to-use payment link to reduce your collection efforts.
XpressCollect and XpressPay will integrate seamlessly with your existing PMS software, allowing you to enjoy an easy, one-time setup process.

While XpressPay and XpressCollect offer a ton of convenient features for renters, it’s important to address all of the benefits our storage collection system offers facility owners, managers and employees. Self storage business owners can:

  • Save time
  • Promote productivity
  • Free up phone lines for potential sales
  • Manage and reduce delinquent units and accounts
  • Service bilingual renters
  • View caller information and call data
  • Enjoy additional fraud protection
  • Accept rental acquisitions and payments for multiple units

And much more!

Security Monitoring SmartEye

Yes! INSOMNIAC® SmartEye self storage security systems can monitor your facilities wherever you have cameras installed 24/7 to give you the peace of mind that your assets are protected through our system.

SmartEye is designed to work with your existing CCTV cameras to make it simple and seamless to upgrade your self storage security with OpenTech. If you need cameras to outfit your property, our expert security team can provide recommendations or connect you with our preferred vendors to help facilitate your facility setup.
If an incident occurs, the facility owner, anyone added to an approved contact list (facility managers, employees, etc.), and our Virtual Security Team (VST) will be notified first. If needed, our VST can also contact local authorities in real-time to handle the situation in person.

Our AI and machine learning self storage security solutions can be programmed to monitor and prevent a variety of incidents based on your facility needs, including:

  • Trespassing and intrusions
  • Unit break-ins
  • After-hours tenant access
  • False alarms
  • Vandalism and theft

And more!

ARS | Storage Treasures: Online Auctions

You manage online storage auctions the same way you manage a traditional storage lien sale — with a few minor exceptions. To get started, register your facility on or contact your Business Development Manager to set up your account. Follow the timeline dictated by your state’s lien laws, prepare your lien documents, and set your auction date to fall on the date of sale. Check your self storage lien laws to see if you can run your ad in any commercially reasonable manner to see if your online auction listing can serve as your public notice. Review this and other best practice tips in the Storage Treasures Help Center to learn how to get the highest return from your online storage auctions.

Operators report several benefits from switching from live to online storage auctions, including higher sale prices, greater lien loss recovery and a streamlined auction process. Review industry case studies, ancillary services and additional benefits and features here.

Each state’s storage lien laws are different. Make sure you review the laws for your state before you get started. Then, prepare your lien documents, include your Notice of Lien and any supporting information or searches. Subscribe to our Auctioneer Webinar Series for invites to monthly sessions to help you avoid common storage auction mistakes, or catch up on past episodes today.

If you have several auctions each month, new team members or just want a second set of eyes-on, consider adding OpenTech’s Auction Review Service (ARS) to your account for added protection. A StorageTreasures add-on, ARS provides professional reviews, ongoing training and monetary support in the event of errors. Easy to manage from your StorageTreasures dashboard, you will simply navigate to the tab labeled ‘Draft Auctions’ and upload your lien file(s) when you create your auction listing. Our team will review your files to ensure they’re compliant with the storage lien laws of your state. You can view the progress of your files on your online dashboard and see what files have been approved or rejected.

If all of your files have been approved, then you’re good to go! For more details or to get started, visit us here.

Register your facilities anytime on here, or contact your Business Development Manager for help today.

Yes. Before you get started listing your units with StorageTreasures, please check out recent changes to self storage lien laws in Alabama, Kansas, and Virginia here, and Arkansas, Utah, North Dakota and Kentucky here. For all other states and for more information, please visit the storage auctions help center here.

How do you manage delinquent storage units? StorageTreasures online storage auctions can help you attract bidders, recover delinquent rental costs, access the largest bidder base in the self-storage industry and receive assistance from licensed auctioneers on lien laws. Check out our page for more details.

OpenTech IoE Facility Management Platform

OpenTech IoE stands for ‘Internet of Everything’ and represents a place where self storage facility owners can connect all of their site data, device integrations and facility operations. With a central place for operational data and control, self storage facility owners can manage their portfolios with ease and see what operations move the needle or where they need to pivot.

What software you need will depend on your desired integrations (view here), but the platform can connect with most third-party systems. The majority of products can be managed directly from your IoE Control Center dashboard. Contact us for more information.

Check out how the OpenTech IoE can increase your revenue, improve visibility and more in our full video here.

We’ve compiled all the facts and the total cost of ownership for INSOMNIAC® CIA, the flagship product of the OpenTech IoE system, in our downloadable white paper. Download today!

Dealer FAQs

Do you want to expand your business and enhance your knowledge of industry-leading self storage solutions? OpenTech partners with experienced dealers to sell and install our expanding product lines.

Join the OpenTech Authorized Dealer Network today in two simple steps:

  1. Register on our website here;
  2. Then scroll down to sign up for our free, online 4-part dealer training.

If you’re searching for an OpenTech dealer, then the easiest way to find a dealer near you is through our interactive dealer network map. Check it out, or contact us here.

OpenTech dealers can help you better equip your facility with our best self storage technology solutions. Contact a dealer today to learn more about INSOMNIAC® self-service kiosks or INSOMNIAC® CIA access control. Our dealers can walk you through the process and set you up with the self storage facility solutions you’ve been looking for. With dealers located throughout the country, you can chat with a dealer today and learn more about managing your locations with ease using our cloud-based software.