Lifetime Programs for CIA

OpenTech offers two service programs for CIA; Lifetime Service and Lifetime Protection. Both services are provided by OpenTech Alliance, Inc. to INSOMNIAC CIA customers in good standing.  Each service is an annual agreement billed monthly.  Because the CIA system runs off cloud based software, customers must enroll in one of the two services to operate the system.

Lifetime Service for CIA

Lifetime Service is a service that has two components as defined below; Software Subscription and Technical Support.  The Lifetime Service program provides for a one-year of protection against manufacturer defects on all components at no cost to the customer. Subsequent to the first year all component replacement will be charged to the customer.

Customer is responsible for engaging with a competent qualified service technician to install and/or repair CIA hardware.

Software Upgrades and Enhancements

CIA includes several software components including firmware for keypads, relays, wired alarms and the gateway, cloud software for the Control Center, and Storage Genie mobile apps both iOS and Android for tenants to use. All the software receives regular updates and enhancements which are included at no charge as part of the program. The firmware updates are distributed via the internet and require the customer to press a button on the Control Center to perform the firmware update.  The firmware updates will take the keypads and gateway offline for a few minutes during the update process, which is why the system lets the customer decide when to initiate the process.  Users of the Storage Genie apps will be notified via the process used by the specific mobile platform for updating apps on their phone. 

Management software interface upgrades and enhancements will be made available when the management software is upgraded.

Technical Support (602.773.1700)

OpenTech will employ trained technicians to answer questions and resolve customer issues. These technicians will be available by phone or email. OpenTech technicians will open a ticket in the OpenTech customer support system for each customer issue reported. If a customer issue is not resolve on the original call the ticket will remain open and monitored by the OpenTech Technical Support Team until the issue is resolved. Customers may request to have their issue escalated to the Technical Support Manager if they feel they are not getting superior service.

Customers are expected to make reasonable efforts to assist in diagnosis and resolution of any reported problem. Technical Support is only provided for OpenTech products and does not include resolving issues related to the customer’s network or other internal infrastructure issues.

Standard Technical Support is provided over the telephone (602.773.1700). All hours are MST.

Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm; Afterhours 5pm – 8pm

Saturday 7am – 2pm; Afterhours 2pm – 8pm

 Sunday Emergency Service is offered 8am – 5pm for Severity 1 issues only.

Issues may also be reported via email to .  An OpenTech technician will respond within 24 hours Monday thru Friday. 

In order to offer customers superior customer service, we must prioritize our response to meet the needs of the most severe issues first. The following defines the different levels of severity:

Severity 1:  CIA is not operational.

  • System is not operating
  • Access Denied to All Areas
  • No power to devices
  • Control Center is down or not operating
  • Part Replacement

Severity 2: Setting Adjustments or setup

  • Setting Configurations
  • Alarm setup and configurations
  • Intermittent Issues with hardware
  • Elevator Configurations and Troubleshooting
  • Wireless Signal Testing
  • Bluetooth/Storage Genie Setup or Troubleshooting

Severity 3: General questions

  • Control Center Training and Usage
  • Updating or Changing Facility Info
  • 3rd Party Integrations (Lyric, Alexa, DaVinci)
  • User Setup or Changes

Severity 4:  General question on how something with CIA works.

  • How to get reports

How to use the Control Center

Lifetime Protection for CIA

This service includes all the benefits of Lifetime Service plus the CIA hardware protection defined below.

Hardware Protection

INSOMNIAC CIA hardware will be repaired or replaced at no cost as result of manufacturer defects and damage caused by power surges from lightning.  All hardware is configured prior to shipment so it has been powered up, tested and programed prior to installation. 

Any modification of any unit, including drilling of holes, improper wiring or installation, will negate the hardware protection part of this program. Replacement of hardware damaged during installation due to improper wiring or installation will be done at the expense of the customer.

Fire, water damage, theft, natural disaster, or vandalism is not covered under the Lifetime Protection Program and should be covered under the Licensee’s property insurance policy.

Once notified by the property manager that there is a problem with a component, the OpenTech support technician will attempt to diagnose the problem with the manager over the phone. If the support technician is not able to resolve the issue with the component a replacement component will be ordered and shipped to the facility. The manager is responsible for contacting OpenTech support once the replacement component arrives so OpenTech support can walk a professional technician (or qualified customer) through the replacement of the component.

All replacement, installation, and telecommunication or Internet connections required to use of OpenTech products are the customers’ responsibility. Customer is also responsible for engaging with a competent Access Control installation technician to install and repair CIA hardware.

Each replacement component package comes with a return shipping label which is to be used to return the defective component. If the manager fails to return the defective component within 14 days of receipt of the replacement component, the facility will be invoiced for the replacement component.

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