Accept Rent Payments 24/7

Fast and secure, XpressPay is an interactive touch response system that collects tenant payments directly through your current phone line. The service has been proven to provide speedier cash flow, and will reduce your collection efforts because tenants can pay through your phone system 24/7; without the need to talk to a manager.

In 2015, the Self-Storage Call Center at OpenTech (INSOMNIAC Live!) processed a total of 357,727 tenant payment transactions for their portfolio of storage clients. The amazing thing is that 218,286 were processed automatically by XpressPay. Tenants that called to make their payment over the phone preferred to use the automated service instead of talking with a storage employee.

It’s True – More people pay on time with XpressPay. It’s Automated – No manager assistance required.

It’s the Future of Payment Processing – Over 60% of storage tenants choose to make their monthly payment through XpressPay.

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XpressPay offers the following benefits:

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“This trend is a huge call to action for our storage clients.  We now know that a majority of storage tenants prefer to pay their rent through XpressPay, rather than over the phone with a storage employee.  By integrating this inexpensive transaction tool, over 60% of the time spent processing payments by phone can be reduced by offering them an automated solution.”

— Ron Park, Director of Sales at Select Merchant Solutions