Dump the clipboard and replace it with a more efficient device.

With StoreTracker you’re always in-the-know. And your staff always knows what to do.

What’s going on at your storage property?  With StoreTracker you’re always in-the-know.  And your staff always knows what to do.

  • The platform delivers a digital workflow system for owners, operators, district managers, and store managers
  • Ideal for storage management companies, and absentee storage owners
  • A 360° view of your critical operational activities

Eliminate the use of paper files, and post-it notes.  Work from smartphones, tablets, or personalized computers, StoreTracker gives your staff everything they need to digitally manage workflows, without the paperwork.

  • Storage managers use the StoreTracker field app to report their day-to-day activities
  • Administrators use StoreTracker HQ to assign tasks, and track manager performance

StoreTracker Benefits

  • Improve operational efficiency & manager performance
  • Work faster and smarter. Both admin & staff are alerted when tasks are created, opened, pending, and finished
  • Improve communication, and empower staff with the latest technology
  • Eliminates paper files, and post-it notes to maintain your storage records

StoreTracker Features

  • Barcode Technology: Use bar codes to track: unit status, lock checks, auctions, daily tasks, work orders, safety inspections, equipment tests and more
  • Digital Lock Checks: Update unit status in the field, and automatically report on units with conflicting status
  • Task Management: Consolidate daily, monthly, and periodic maintenance requirements.  Electronically maintain accountability, and visibility into your day-to-day operations management
  • Property Audits: A digital review of the company’s operations manual and maintenance requirements
  • Incident Report Management: Report critical incident and maintenance issues with photos, notes, and automatic notifications
  • Auction Management: StoreTracker provides a digital record of lien activities following company and state guidelines.  During lien preparation, managers generate date stamped photos of over-lock, lock cutting, and contents of unit for all auction related activity
  • Centralized Reporting: Integrates with your property management system, and synchronizes for automated reporting and alerts
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