PHOENIX, Arizona – September 9th, 2015 – Today at the SSA Tradeshow in Las Vegas, OpenTech Alliance announced the V2 release of INSOMNIAC XpressCollectan automatic payment reminder and collection system that helps storage managers to shorten the life cycle of a tenant invoice and improve cash flow. The service eliminates the need for making excessive collection calls, and manually sending various emails or individualized texts, it automates the entire process.

Already a hit with hundreds of storage managers nationwide, the impact of XpressCollect has been demonstrated to be immediate and easy to measure. Jim Mooney, Director of Operations at Devon Self Storage said, “After implementing XpressCollect, our conversion rates on collections improved dramatically.  And after using the product for several months, we were able to cut our delinquent receivables in half.”

OpenTech originally announced the acquisition of TXT Collector and subsequent the launch of XpressCollect in September of 2014.  The plan was to invest heavily in development resources to make the service the best in the industry and the lowest cost.

In true OpenTech style the new version was built on their Open Self Storage Cloud platform and leverages OpenPortal so make it easy for managers setup up and forget. Version 2.0 leveraged the companies Open API to integrate with more property management systems. XpressCollect is now readily available to benefit storage owners using; DomicoQuickStorSiteLink, and Yardi, with additional vendor integrations on the horizon.

In Version 2.0, the product framework has undergone a major overhaul and new dynamic features have been added to bring more value to self storage managers, but cost of $29/month is still much lower than any other competing solution and it is a fraction of the cost of do-it-yourself collections.

Highlights of new version:

  • Secure integration with the leading property management systems
  • Multi-channel communication (e-mail, text, and  optional Live Call module)
  • Validation of tenant contact information (mobile numbers and email addresses)
  • Customizable collection timeline and workflow
  • An optional Live Calls Module that gives managers the ability to initiate and record outbound phone calls and have the result tracked for more troublesome collections situations
  • Detailed documentation on all collection related notifications
  • Detailed and easy to navigate reporting
  • Transparent compliance practices

Mike Sawyer, Director of Marketing at OpenTech said, “Time is money and XpressCollect will help you recover both.  Whether you are seeking ways to speed up the collections process, increase cash flow or become more sales efficient, the side-effect of automating your accounts payable means that time previously spent on manual collection calls can be redirected toward more meaningful work.”

Why We Do What We Do: Every day, OpenTech Alliance connects thousands of tenants with storage companies around the world. With over 4,000 daily transactions, the companies automated products and services helped store managers move-in over 100,000 tenants in 2014, generating over 100 million dollars in new sales revenue alone. OpenTech, Making Self-Storage Easier, So More People will Use It. For additional information, please click: or call an OpenTech Business Development Manager at (602) 749-9370.

Press Contact: Mike Sawyer, Director of Marketing
OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

NOTE TO EDITORS: OpenTech Alliance, the OpenTech logo and INSOMNIAC are trademarks of OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. INSOMNIAC kiosks are protected by U.S. patent number 5,946,660.

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