OpenTech Call Center Helps Top Texas Operator Reach All-Time High in Occupancy

PHOENIX, Arizona – October 27th, 2014 – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced today, from the TSSA Annual Conference that Assured Self Storage reported statistics on their portfolio of properties that highlight the performance of INSOMNIAC™ Live!, the Self-Storage Call Center. “Over the course of a year, the OpenTech call center contributed to an increase in occupancy from 71% to 82%, an all-time high,” said Blair Valk, Vice President of Operations at Assured.

To drill even deeper, Valk offered further analysis of same store occupancy on 16 Assured properties using the call center against 8 properties that were not using call center services (during the same time frame). The comparative results revealed that stores not using OpenTech’s call center rose 4%, while stores using the call center rose 11%. “When we move our occupancy 1 point, it is significant. We came to OpenTech with high vacancies; literally thousands of units throughout our portfolio were available and felt that we were missing opportunities to rent. Even after using outsourced manager training, we found the need to pay better attention to our telephone sales performance and lead tracking process,” said Valk.

The spike in move-ins is linked to instituting an automated level of call tracking, lead monitoring and sales accountability offered through the call center. Before using the service, calls were tracked on paper by onsite managers and incoming call volumes, sales opportunities and conversion rates were impossible to gauge. “Now, every single incoming call is tracked and recorded into our SiteLink property management software,” added Valk.

Prior to the installation, site managers supplied OpenTech with an extensive amount of information including; unit pricing, special rates, competitive advantages, facility attributes, and policies for each store. OpenTech’s technology empowers OpenTech Storage Counselors with the same information as someone who is standing behind the counter. This ensures both tenants and prospective renters are working with a facility representative rather than an answering service.

“Our Store Managers are demanding and want constant improvement. OpenTech listens, makes adjustments and is continually delivering on that request. It’s a pleasure to work with people who are dedicated to making improvements that impact new sales, the tenant experience and most importantly manager satisfaction,” added Valk. The service includes an automated ICARE-About Quality tool to rate calls and Assured managers are continually providing constructive feedback to keep the Storage Counselors at OpenTech on top of their game when promoting their properties, reserving units and serving tenants.

The call center also provides Assured with an additional layer of operational efficiencies. In addition to making reservations, the service covers routine tasks like payment processing and appointment setting, thereby freeing up managers to perform more specialized duties and provide steady face-to-face service onsite.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Blair and her team at Assured. It is a great feeling to be supporting their site managers and making her properties more money. Soon our call center will be leveraging our online rental technology to close the deal over the phone,” said Robert Chiti, President and CEO at OpenTech.

About OpenTech Alliance, Inc: Celebrating over a Decade of Service to Self-Storage, OpenTech provides solutions that connect storage owners with tenants. Through the development of a complete line of automated Kiosks and Call Center services, the INSOMNIAC brand has become synonymous with self-storage. The company offers a wide-range of self-storage rental solutions that increase revenues and improve customer convenience, while decreasing operating costs and workload. A place to find reliable, around-the-clock support is what OpenTech has come to be for thousands of self-storage owners world-wide. For additional information, please click: or call an OpenTech Business Development Manager at (602) 749-9370.

Press Contact: Mike Sawyer, Director of Marketing OpenTech Alliance, Inc. 602.324.8655

NOTE TO EDITORS: OpenTech Alliance, the OpenTech logo and INSOMNIAC are trademarks of OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. INSOMNIAC kiosks are protected by U.S. patent number 5,946,660.

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