PHOENIX, Arizona – December 19th, 2015 –OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced today that Investment Real Estate Management, LLC (IREM) reported statistics on their portfolio of 15 properties in Pennsylvania and Maryland. “By using the OpenTech Call Center (INSOMNIAC Live!), our store managers were able to achieve an extraordinary, 44% rental conversion rate,” said Jason Carl, District Manager at IREM.

Carl offered further analysis of the OpenTech performance report. Over the course of 2015, Storage Counselors at the call center answered a total of 15,556 IREM facility calls. 15% of the calls answered, were validated sales inquiries. A classification breakdown of the sales calls processed at OpenTech included: 871 completed unit reservations, 122 scheduled sales appointments, 653 qualified sales leads, and 790 limited leads, totaling 2,436 sales inquiries. These calls were first answered at the call center, and then the data was forwarded to store managers at IREM for closing.

IREM managers take over from there. They are well trained, highly skilled, and incentivized to follow up immediately. “In the end, we were able to convert 44% of the sales calls that were processed at OpenTech, totaling 1,069 rentals thru the call center alone. The storage counselors at OpenTech set the stage for our callers, they acquire quality customer data, and it’s sent to our properties in real-time. This strategy puts our managers in a better position to close sales more effectively, and OpenTech has greatly contributed to our success,” said Carl.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that the call center represents the portfolios second line of defense. All facility calls are routed to reach the store managers first. However, when managers are with customers, away from the desk, or when the office is closed, calls rollover to the call center. “It’s about control versus trust, and based on our history of success with OpenTech, we trust calls to roll over, without the worry of a negative impact on sales or service. Our managers also realize that by sharing control, the call center saves the sales we would have otherwise missed,” added Carl.

The report revealed that over 35% of all facility calls rolled to the call center on workdays when managers were busy, and when the office was closed in the evenings, and on weekends. At an average cost of $1,600 per rental, the call center at OpenTech was estimated to drive $1.6 million in incremental revenue for the company.

Carl also noted that, the call center offered some very impressive levels of customer satisfaction unrelated to sales. The report indicated that 85% of the calls answered, were designated as tenant care calls. Those calls were completed at the call center without the need for store manager involvement.  Service calls processed at OpenTech included: 3,641 collected payment calls, and 9,479 miscellaneous service inquiries, totaling 13,210 tenant care calls.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Jason, and his site managers at IREM. It is a great feeling to be supporting their site managers in a positive way, and we are happy to have contributed to their success,” said Robert Chiti, President and CEO at OpenTech.

Why We Do What We Do: Every day, OpenTech Alliance connects thousands of tenants with storage companies around the world. With over 4,000 daily transactions, the companies automated products and services helped Storage Managers move-in over 100,000 tenants in 2014, generating over 100 million dollars in new sales revenue alone. OpenTech, Making Self-Storage Easier, So More People will Use It. For additional information, please click: or call an OpenTech Business Development Manager at (602) 749-9370.

Press Contact:
Mike Sawyer, Director of Marketing
OpenTech Alliance, Inc.

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