OpenTech Adds Low Cost Indoor Keypad to Enhance INSOMNIAC® CIA Access Control Solution for Self Storage Facilities

OpenTech Adds Indoor Keypad to CIA Access Control for Self Storage

OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in self storage, recently announced the launch of its latest product, the 504 indoor access keypad. At a price point nearly 20% lower than traditional keypads, this new addition to OpenTech’s cloud-based access control solution, INSOMNIAC CIA, aims to empower self storage operators with unparalleled insights into the movements within their facilities to bolster property security and enable better operational efficiency. The new indoor keypad is in stock and available for order now.

The 504 Indoor Keypad is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with OpenTech’s cloud-based access control system, CIA, which has gained widespread recognition and adoption among self storage operators worldwide. The 504 Indoor Keypad offers operators a higher level of control, allowing them to monitor and manage access to interior areas on their property with enhanced precision and efficiency, such as hallways, elevators or bathrooms.

“OpenTech is thrilled to introduce the 504 Indoor Keypad as part of our continuous effort to provide self storage operators with cutting-edge, affordable solutions that address their evolving security and operational needs,” said Jon Loftin, SVP of Product at OpenTech Alliance. “We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment for both our operators and their tenants, and the 504 Keypad is another step forward in achieving that goal.”

Indoor Keypads Improve Self Storage Facility Data and Security

One of the key features of any CIA keypad is its ability to provide real-time data on individuals entering and exiting the premises. This invaluable insight offers operators a clear understanding of who is on-site at any given time, to ensure a safer and more secure environment for both tenants and their belongings. The data collected by the new 504 Indoor Keypad is seamlessly integrated into OpenTech’s cloud-based access control system, enabling operators to easily review access logs, generate reports and alerts, and identify any unauthorized access attempts on interior areas of the facility.

Advanced access control solutions have become paramount to safeguard self storage properties. The rise in the demand for secure storage facilities, and rising threats against those properties, have correspondingly led to an increased need for robust access control measures. By investing in advanced access control technology like INSOMNIAC CIA, self storage operators can proactively protect their assets and enhance the overall customer experience.

504 Self Storage Keypad Available Now to Improve Remote Facility Management

OpenTech’s 504 Indoor Keypad is designed with user-friendly features to ensure a hassle-free experience for both tenants and operators. With its intuitive interface, tenants can easily navigate the keypad or use the mobile app to access their designated areas within the facility. Additionally, operators can remotely manage access rights and customize security settings to suit their specific requirements, all from the convenience of OpenTech’s IoE Control Center.

Self storage operators seeking to optimize security, streamline operations and gain valuable insights into indoor access control at their facilities can learn more about the 504 Keypad at, or contact OpenTech Alliance today.

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