New 2023 Data White Paper Reveals Insights Into Self Storage Tenant Behavior

Phoenix, AZ. OpenTech Alliance, the PropTech leader in self storage, is pleased to announce the release of its latest annual data white paper, providing insights into self storage tenant behavior. The annual publication offers a transparent look at customer transaction and property use data collected across the INSOMNIAC® network of self storage technology solutions.

Limited copies of the 2023 Self Storage White Paper will be available to operators that visit the OpenTech booth (#1023) at the Inside Self Storage (ISS) World Expo this week in Las Vegas, NV on April 12th and 13th. The 2023 data white paper will be available for digital download on the company’s website following the show on April 14th.
2023 Self Storage Data White Paper

With data from 2022 and comparisons against up to five years of tenant trends, the complementary white paper offers actionable insights to help operators identify potential cost savings and competitive advantages at their facilities. The publication offers a detailed look at customer behavior, such as rental and payment patterns, length of stay and frequency of visits, and trends in customer preferences. The white paper also identifies key factors that drive customer satisfaction, such as 24/7 service, mobile-friendly technology and self-service tools. 

“We are thrilled to share this year’s white paper with the self storage industry,” said Robert A. Chiti, CEO at OpenTech Alliance. “Overall, the hope is to empower self storage businesses with the tools they need to leverage data to drive success in their operations. By sharing big trends, we hope to help businesses stay competitive, respond to changes in the market and deliver value to their customers. Another hope is to help operators to start to look at this data in their own operation: While sharing big trends is important, it’s equally important to provide businesses with actionable insights that they can apply to their own operations. This can help them optimize their processes, enhance their customer experience, and drive growth and profitability.”

Event attendees can meet with OpenTech Alliance representatives at the show to learn more about the insights and recommendations provided in the white paper. Attendees can also walk through some of the top data points from 2023 and get practical tips on how to apply those insights to their operation at the company’s Table Talk on Wednesday, April 12 at 2PM local time; Unlocking the Power of Data in Facility Management. Join Patrick Johnson, Business Development Manager, in Forum 125 — early attendees will have the first chance at snagging a hard copy of the white paper.

One of the key findings of the white paper for operators is the potential to optimize their operations by analyzing the behavior patterns of their customers. By identifying the length, timing and frequency of customer visits, operators can identify opportunities for cost savings and tailor their pricing and staffing strategies to better align with the needs of their tenants. The white paper also suggests that investing in technology such as cloud-based access control, automated billing, full-service kiosks, remote management and other solutions can improve the customer experience and reduce operating costs.

To get your copy of the 2023 data white paper, visit booth #1023 at the show in Las Vegas, or visit on April 14 to download your digital copy. 

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