Self Storage Call Center Veterans Offer Quality Service with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

PHOENIX, Arizona – March 25, 2010 – OpenTech Alliance announced today that their INSOMNIAC Live! call center has been selected by several leading self storage operators (including Chesapeake Resources, Watson & Taylor, Infinite Self Storage, Professional Self Storage Management, San Diego Self Storage, Southern Self Storage,  Saf-Keep Storage and more) to assist their managers in renting units, processing payments, and servicing customers. The INSOMNIAC Live! call center services self storage operators with or without a kiosk. 

The call center is lead by Cynthia Abraham – a true self storage call center expert. “I have been managing call centers in the self storage industry for more than eight years and I know what matters most to self storage owners is how their customers are treated,” said Abraham. “I learned long ago that people do not necessarily remember what you say to them, but they always remember how you made them feel.” This is a concept that Abraham instills into every call center agent. OpenTech invests a great deal of time and resources into proper training and development of all call center employees to ensure they know not only how to complete a transaction, but how to make callers feel good in the process.

Nancy Gunning, President of Chesapeake Resources Inc. stated, “We have entrusted our customers to Cynthia in the past and we are confident she knows how to run a quality call center. So, when OpenTech launched INSOMNIAC Live! with Cynthia at the helm we signed up immediately.  After six months of service, we could not be happier.”

Abraham and her team understand that self storage owners don’t want their customers to wait on hold or talk to a call center agent that does not understand self storage. OpenTech’s philosophy is that there should always be a trained agent available to take the next call.  Therefore, they staff a high ratio of agents to facilities to guarantee great service for every call, every time. “This level of service means our fees may be slightly higher than our competitors, but our goal is not to be the biggest call center in the industry – just the best,” said Abraham.  

Bob McIntosh, Co-Owner of Southern Self Storage explained, “It has been several years since we used a call center, so we were not sure what to expect.  Cynthia and her team have truly impressed us.  We should have hired them sooner.”

The INSOMNIAC Live! call center is founded on three principals; Transparency, Consistency, and Quality, each contributing to the end result of providing superior customer service to self storage callers.  In addition, the company offers the only 100 percent satisfaction guarantee in the self storage industry.  The call center leverages the latest in Cisco call center technology, the LiveAgent! software application developed by OpenTech, and the INSOMNIAC Self Storage Network property management connectivity software.  All this technology empowers Live! agents to provide superior service to today’s self storage managers and their customers.

Kraig Haviland, Director of Operations for Halliday Management/San Diego Self Storage commented, “It is a big decision to let a third party get between us and our customers, so we are pretty particular about who we let answer our phones.  We have done business with Cynthia in the past, and we trust her.  We have found her agents to be very well-trained and polished.  The flow of information between the customers, the call center and our managers is smooth and seamless.  I would urge operators that have had a bad experience with a call center in the past to take a good hard look at what Cynthia and OpenTech have built.  It has really worked well for our business.”

OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading developer of innovative self-storage solutions.  The company products and services include 7 models of INSOMNIAC Kiosks ranging from $4,900 to $18,000, INSOMNIAC Live!  call center services and the INSOMNIAC Self Storage Network for online storage reservations.  OpenTech products and services improve customer convenience, reduce operating costs and increase revenues for self-storage facilities. For more information or to see an online demo, please visit or call (602) 749-9370.

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